Monday, April 21, 2014

Feliz Páscoa


Ummm I don´t even know what to tell you about this week but there´s lots of excitement in Cali-Sac!............buuuuut I´ll see them next summer so it´s fine. Outta sight outta mind for a minute. But PS if you´re out there Brother Gosney and Walsh family HEY THERE, Tahoe prep is commencing NOW on this side of the world, getting the worst tanlines evaaaa in Brasil. It´s great.

This week is transfer week.. I´m staying here with Sister Novoa... IM PUMPED. Life is great here. My portugues is always bettering..... bettering? getting better. I can´t speak like an american anymore, it´s a problem. 

Oh Easter was Sunday. That was good. We got chocolate for dayyyyys and I make my companion eat all of it. Sister Pereira´s comp (roommates) had to go home last monday because of back probs, and Sister Pereira has been trio-ing it up with us all week, so it´s been a little weird and we haven´t worked as much in our own area since we have to work oficinas também, mas it´s all good. I´m  outta time but life is good and the language is better and im so stinking happy here.

I love yall.... until next week!

Sister Morrill

PS SISTER OSBORN... you´re right. Roberto Carlos. Fantastic. That´s all.

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