Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hey yall.

Where do I even start? I don´t know. Last day in the MTC. I got a priesthood blessing the night before we all left. First blessing everrrr. Definitely needed it. Dont have time to tell ya bout it. Sorry. 


First day in Florianopolis. Fabulous. Not even a little bit like the rest of the week, but we got to eat out with President and Sister Fernandes and Floripa is beautiful.

Day 2. 

I went out with some other sisters in an area a few hours away from floripa. it was cool. all the appointments cancelled. couldnt understand the brazilians but the sisters i were with were both americanas luckily. 

Day 3. 

Zone Conference. Didn´t understand A THING that President Fernandes said all day long. The magic of being in brazil wore off pretty quickly.

Day 4

I met my ´´Trainer´´, Sister Novoa. She´s 24. From Chile. Has a crazy accent. (Because president had to throw one more twist into my mission.. ha cool.) 3 hour bus ride to our area. We´re opening a new area in the middle of a transfer. Dont know anyone. don´t know anything. don´t know what they´re saying. I´ve been out longer than she has. it´s a blast. We got to our apartment..

Moldy mattress. Moldy wall. No actual bed. No furniture. We live with 4 other sisters (who are AWESOME) ... none of which speak english but it´s fine. 

Day 5. Saturday. Sábado.

Walked further than I´ve ever walked in my life. Physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. Sunburn... eek. Sunscreen is mega expensive here. Our area is LEGIT. We have a portion of São João ward and Oficinas ward. They´re hoping to make our area it´s own ward! It will start as a grupo, grow into a branch and hopefully spring into an overflowing ward of rockin brasilians. This is a crazy place to be. President definitely took advantage of having visa waiters that already have done work haha... this is a TASK. It´s all on us to take our area and the people in it and help it grow enough that they CAN split it. I´m excited and nervous and every other emotion under the sun. 

We got to see a baptism our first full day here :) Funny story: We were at the church wicked early to fill the baptismal font. I was just singin myself a happy little ENGLISH american song. Fact: Brasilians can NOT sing. Nope. The brazilians heard me. They asked if I knew a primary song in english. I didn´t know the lyrics. They threw a copy of the music at me. I´m sitting in the room and they´re starting the service and suddenly I find out that I´m singing for this girls baptism. EEK. WHAT?!  Sneaky brazilians, man. 

Day 6. Domingo.

Church. Holy cow the members are incredible. So fun. We were at church early this week... I was playing the piano before anyone was there. They have the ´´hymns made easy`` (português version) at the piano, which i can actually kind of play, so i was just playing my little heart out, and suddenly there are a swarm of brazilians around me. The bishop comes up and asks me to play the prelude music... Turns out Brazilians can´t play piano either. Compared to everyone else in the church at home I can´t play a THING, but these people were so excited about it. I have a feeling this won´t be the last time this happens...

Uhhh after church things got a lot harder again.

My companion and I were walking to an appointment and suddenly we´re flat out yelling at each other and it was the worst moment of my life. I never yell at anyone. It was better later and we had a killer comp inventory this morning to figure out how the junk we can work together, but this has been the hardest companionship of my mission, on top of everything else that comes with culture shock and inability to do a thinggggg. God´s testing me like nobody´s business, but I know it´s gotta get better eventually, so I´ll keep chuggin along. 

We didn´t get a p-day on monday because we ended up travelling on the onibus for 12 hours total because junk happened, but at least i got to email today!

We have an investigator with a baptismal date already... so cool! Brasil is incredible. This is so hard and I want nothing more than to be able to go home and see my family and not be soaking wet in the rain for all the appointments to fall through and i want to go back to SAC or home where I know people love me and I know what everyone is saying, but I can´t right now and someone needs me here and I need to find them and I´m sure as heck not going to find them sitting around dreaming about home. Soooooo I´ll just keep going and wait until the language clicks and me and my companion get along and everything is good again. I want to embrace this place so badly, to the point where I don´t want to come home in November (I absolutely will, but I want to love it here as much as I loved sac and as much as i love FL) I have to go and meet our ward mission leader, but i love you all so much.

Keep in touch :) Love love love yall.

Ate logo,

Sister Morrill

ps que horror is Sister Novoa´s catch phrase.. awful QUE HORROR BOO WHY  yeah mmkay gotta go.... peace yall

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