Monday, June 30, 2014

soccer and chuva and needles, OH MY


What can I say... 

this week was nuts.

It was hard. I don´t know if there´s an easy way to serve a mission in brasil... i don´t think so. Not possible. Luckily, I didn´t come for it to be easy, right?? 

My companion´s ticked. She likes the mission and what not, but she´s from Rio and she´s HATING this small town and we´ve both had health problems the past 2 weeks and it´s hard to get good help here and everyone´s telling her something different and she´s super frustrated. I love, love LOVE these people and this area and I don´t know how the heck to help the other missionaries here be more positive. Lots of people gossip here. Everyone tells everyone what they didn´t like about everything. It´s a bit ridiculous, I am lost as to what to do, but I´m praying a junk load and trying to keep peace with the members here and hopefully all will end well.

First of all, we´re watching the games of Brasil in the world cup. It´s a bask. SO TENSE BUT SO GOOD.

Claudinei. He´s 19. Investigator. He´s Matilde´s step-son. He is GOLDEN. He lives with his grandma (matilde´s mother in law), who IS a member of the igreja. He´s been coming to church and wants to be baptized, but wants to wait a little bit to really KNOW what he needs to do and live the standards and what not. He wants to be firm. 

We met with Matilde! AND her husband was there. Valdinei. Claudinei´s dad. They are INCREDIBLE. I cant even tell you. Valdinei KNOWS the gospel is true. He KNOWS. He´s got some vices holding him back from living it so much, it´s REALLY hard for him to kick the things of the world and truly give his whole soul to the Lord, but the spirit was SO strong in our lesson and he really does want it. You can feel it. His wife isnt AS familiar with everything but she is so willing to learn and she knows it is good and will truly bring her the peace she needs. 


I had to go to the médico. Doctor. eek. Remember those mosquito bites? Well, there were a LOT. A LOT A LOT. Turns out that 1) the mosquitos here  have venom. How? Dunno. But it is. Not only that, but I happen to be ALLERGIC to them. My foot and my other ankle were hecka swollen. It was AWFUL. We walk everywhere. I wanted to keep working and all, but it just kept getting worse. So we went to the médico. I´ve feared this since the day I got my mission call. But we went. I expected him to give me some allergy meds and call it good, but NOPE. I had to get a vaccine because it was so inflamed. Not ANY vaccine, it had to be in the butt. POR QUE? WHY? I don´t know if there exists an adult in the world with more fear of shots than I, but compared to past experiences I took it like a CHAMP. Family, if yall remember Derek´s scorpion experience in Recife? It wasn´t much different. At least the médico wasnt a witch doctor or something. it´s fine.

1 minute left on the computer. love yall. til next week :)))))

sister Morrill!

Monday, June 23, 2014


Hi I spent all my time talking to my momma and now I have like 5 minutes to tell the world what happened this week.

Most important is Matilde. 

She´s 45. Her 19 year old son died in a car accident a week ago. She is adorable. She´s hurting a stinkin TON. We met her a few days after he passed away. We told her about the plan of salvation. NEVER in my mission have I had such a desire for someone to understand that message and how important it is. I don´t know what to do when people have feelings and all, but I know how to make them laugh,sooooo I did that. In the beginning you could just see that it wasnt the same and you can see in her eyes that she just lost the world. My heart was BREAKING for this woman. She´s wanted to have a visit from the missionaries for a while, but we hadn´t even heard of her til the week past. ...past week. I know without a doubt that we were needed in that moment, it´s so sad to see what´s happened  but so incredible to see how Godis working in her life. 

I´ve been thinking a lot of the song Hands by Jewel hoje. It´s amazing how we are colocado na vidas dos pessoas ugh portuguese how we are PUT IN THE LIVES OF PEOPLE in the exact moment that we are needed. As a missionary I know we truly are here in the moment for a reason and that we are here to do His work and serve His people. This experience is incredible. 

I never want to leave but I also can´t wait for the day to reunir with all yall and SLEEP for weeks. Brasil kills ya but it blesses ya like no other. I adore this place. 

Until next week,

Sister Morrill

Monday, June 16, 2014

Oi gente!

14 minutes to write. Sorry in advance.

This week rocked.

We´re finding people to teach. Lots of people. 

Terezinha has a baptismal date for the 28th! buuuut didn´t come to church yesterday so we´ll see. If she still has the desire it will be June 29th or July 5th! 

Zone conference was on Tuesday.

President and Sister Fernandes are the greatest people on the planet.
When they teach, they don´t just teach us to be missionaries. They teach us life lessons. Tuesday was the life lessons of all life lessons. This is their last zone conference, they´re heading home in a week or two and President Silva will take over! Então, their zone conference was all about finding our future spouse hahaha, SO different than Cali but such a bask. They´re so fun. All of the missionaries were trunky-ZÃO thinking about home and all, but it was a great conference! 

My legs are completely covered in mosquito bites. It started with two, and then 5, then 10, then 17, and as of 2 days ago I have 22 on my left leg and 25 on my right leg. I quit counting after that. I don´t even want to know. The mosquitos in Campos Novos are KILLER. So different and SO MUCH WORSE. My legs look awful. But it´s cool. 

I have never been so exhausted in my life. I about pass out every night here. I feel like the moment I shut my eyes the alarm goes off and 6:30 arrives and it´s time to get to work again. Brazil is kicking my trash, but that just means greater blessings later, right? 

It´s been a lot of time since I´ve remembered to do this... but here we go again. QUOTE OF THE WEEK, ERRBODY!

´´SISTER MORRILL, VEM AQUI....-turns around and observes this extremely uninteresting morro- TEM UM CARA FAZENDO XIXI NA RUA.´´


-Sister Simões.

She kinda freaked out a bit. But I died laughing at her observance of this hill in the middle of no where for no reason. 

He 40 more seconds on the computer. LOVE YALL.





Monday, June 9, 2014


Just another week in Brazil. Time is moving quickly (like I´ll be headed HOME five months from tomorrow-not trunky, just a fact) but the work seems to be moving slowly. We´ve got a LOT of room for improvement this week! We´re finding SUPER cool families. We are BEM na começo de ensin.....errrrr sorry.. We are... ugh one minute, i have to reroute to english. Então. We´re still in the beginning of the whole finding people and teaching and what not, we´re out working all day and lots of people aren´t at home so it feels slow, but the people we ARE finding and beginning to teach are incredible.

The members are WONDERFUL. I have never seen anyone as excited and WILLING to be a part of this work. And not only that, but they EXPECT to be a part of it. These are not just our investigators, these are people who are going to be friends and youth leaders and future members of this branch (future ward in the making, we´re gonna do it!) They´re welcoming our investigators in their homes and activities and LOOKING for opportunities to go out with us and teach and get to know the people, and giving referrals left and right because they TRUST us. I want to be that kind of member when I come home. There were Elders here previously who didnt do a whole lot of work, so it´s been incredible to regain their trust and see the desires that they truly have to share the gospel with those around them.

    It´s been freezing and rainy since the day we got here, and we´ve been out walkin and workin in the rain sdince day 1, and it´s all catching up with me and right now i am sickkkkkkk, but it´s all good. Could be worse. I´m still walking.

  We started teaching Jaqueline, but we went back and she shut off the lights after seeing us through the window and didnt bother coming to the door. I think that door shut. BUT we were walking down the road after that incident and I decided to talk to this lady on her front porch, her name is Terezinha. She invited us in and we were able to teach her about the restoration right there! My bebêzinha lead the lesson and i am a proud momma  :´) Every time something falls through we always find a little miracle.

We lost a ton of time travelling to Ipomeia for zone meeting, buuuut it´s cool. Tomorrow (or tonight, we still haven´t received notice) We´ll be headed to Chapecó for zone conference with President Fernandes! A little sad to lose ANOTHER day in Campos Novos but SO PUMPED for President Fernandes´ last conference :) We always have a huge lunch afterwards and it´ll be greattttt.

Other than this we´re teaching a few other people (like i said, bem no começo.)  and trying not to freeze to death. I thought my portuguese was getting relatively good, until some 8 year old told everyone he doesn´t understand anything I say... and then our investigator Fátima. She looked to my comp ´´Is she italian? German?´´ ´´....I´m american!´´ ´´OH, THAT´s why we can´t understand almost anything she says´´ :)))) EVERYONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS. I was a little bit ticked because I thought I was doing pretty well hahaha, but hey, I´ve been here 2-3 months.. I´ve got plenty to learn and time to learn it. I´m learning over and over about humility here. I am NOTHING by myself. Everything I have or am or do is all thanks to God and the people he´s given  to support me!

Love yall lots, but that´s all folks!

Until next week-

Sister Morrillddd

Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey yall.

Um, I am freezing. I am in Campos Novos... South central part of Santa Catarina (i think). It´s really cold here. Brasil was supposed to be hotter than this is happening I DON´T KNOW. I can see my breath. It´s taken me a solid 5 minutes to write these few sentences because my fingers are moving at a sloth´s pace right now.

Monday was cool. My companion´s new companion chegou, that was weird. Sister Novoa had to do some more exams at the hospital. We had a family night with Fred e Fernanda and their kids :´) They are recém-conversos in São João, I ADORE them. 

Tuesday came. 9 AM ônibus para Florianópolis. Fred and Fernanda came to say goodbye :´) bawwww. Got to Floripa, took a cab to the mission office (ps BOYCE AVENUE was on the radio in BRASIL so i think thats pretty legit and it was perfect... The taxi driver was playin it, not my fault nope nope nope. But saudades lasted for like 2 seconds because i was pumped so see amigos at the escritório.) Anyways.. We got there, went out for Lunch, came back, waited foreverrrrrrr, trainers had a training mtg with President Lewis. uh... President Fernandes. Oops. Wrong mission. But we had training none the less. Afterwards the novinhas and trainers juntaram and we had a presentation and received our companions! 

My companion is SISTER SIMÕES! She´s from Rio de Janeiro. She´s white. Everyone here thinks that she´s american and I´m brasileira....BASKING.

The next day commenced our 9 HOUR bus to our area. We´re living with 2 other rockin´awesome Sisters. (another american and a brasilian WHOOOOO). Once again we don´t have beds, just mattresses. and it´s cold. Really cold. Oh, the joys of opening an area. I miss 2 things from the US- Air conditioning and heating. Só isso. Other than that things have been crazy trying to conhecer the area and the people, we started with NO ONE AND NOTHING. So crazy. But we´re making a billion contacts and have appointments and people to visit this week, SO GREAT.

Basically in Brasil I´ve learned that I truly don´t know a thing, except for my purpose as a missionary. I´ve come to really understand WHY im here and what i´m here to do. I´m only capable of doing it all through the spirit and the help of the Lord, and they are doing SO much in giving me to abilities to do everything that needs done here. This work is incredible. I love this place. I want to stay here for the rest of my mission. Campos Novos is a branch (maybe 30 people on Sundays) and our goal is to have 100+ going by the end of the year and to be in the works of building a capela and creating a WARD here. All it takes is a lotta faith! So excited to see it all happen. There are miracles waiting for us.

Eeeeek out of time.

Love yall.

Sister Morrill