Monday, July 28, 2014

Study, eat, work, sleep. Vida missionaria.

Hey yall.

Number and work-wise, this week has been fantastic. We´re finding um monte of new investigators via knocking doors and what not, we taught the ones that we found the week before, it´s all been good. Claudinei headed to Florianopolis for the Aeronáutico academy.. I forgot how to say it in english but it´s close, right?  Anyways, he was ready to stay there for good if he was accepted and start training and working for them... so we thought we lost him f o r e v e r.. BUT he wasn´t accepted (unfortunately for him, fortunately for us). We´re bummed too because he was WAY excited. But he´s back now and we´ll see him this week!

Other than that we´re working like nobody´s business and I´ve still been discouraged and stressed até o pô, but I´m hoping things are more chill this week and I can enjoy being here again haha. I´ve got 3 1/2 more months to bask in Brazil and an eternity to think about it. It will all be good.

Matilde has fallen off the face of the planet. Valdinei and Matilde seperated and he´s staying at his other place and Matilde´s been staying with her brother and settling things with the death of her son, so I know she´s gotta be super busy.. but it´s been 2-3 weeks. She said she´d call to mark an appointment with us buuuut... a week later and she still hasn´t called. She´s the most elect person I´ve ever met so I trust that she´ll come back up, just gotta wait wait WAIT. 

Miss yall back home, hope everything is WONDERFUL over there! 

Until next week!
Sister Morrill

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wellllllll what do I even have to say about this week?

It was rough. We had to travel to Chapecó on Wednesday and Thursday so we missed a ton (all of them, really) of our appointments. The only investigator we saw this week was Claudinei and he´s a bit of a turd. He´s actually incredible, it´s just his whole family situation that´s killer and his worry about being perfect in the gospel. But he´s doing great, at least.

We got home at midnight on thurs. to wake up as usual at 6:30 and get back to work. Just that EVERYTHING fell through from Friday to Sunday and NO ONE was at home like they should have been.

BUT- there was a good thing.

In Chapecó, President Silva (ps I met our new president. He´s cool.) told us that if we knock doors that we will find the elect... completely contrary to California where we were told it´s a waste of time.. I wasn´t excited. I don´t like knocking doors. Leave that for the JW´s. BUT we did it yesterday. And we found a woman named Marisa. We just asked to give her an invitation to visit the church or whatever and she practically threw us in her house and we were able to teach her about the Restoration. She´s super catholic and not looking for change, but the spirit was there and hey, I trust President and i believe in miracles! We´ll see.

That´s all, really. That and I got my travel itinerary and I make it home the 8 something in the morning, November 12th! whoooooo hooooo. 

But.. That´s all folks.

Até next week!

Sister Morrill

Monday, July 14, 2014

Just another day in (a cold, cold) paradise

Hey yall..

I have this tendency to just want to talk to my momma when I have email time and then I also have to respond to emails and then everyone else on the planet gets the short end of the stick.. sorry about that. One hour just doesnt cut it in a foreign country with junky computers in the lan house... internet place? they call it lan house here. Whatever. We go there to use their internet and computers. This city doesn´t have a good lan house so we suffer a little bit haha, it´s fine.

This week..

Sister Cozzens (lives with us, she covers the other half of Campos Novos) got a new companion on Wednesday.. Sister Nunes left on Monday, so we´ve been trio-in´ it up until her novinha (she´s training again) came at MIDNIGHT. No one got sleep. It wasn´t cool. The trio was cool but when I see other sisters I just remember how freaking happy I am to have Sister Simões. She´s a blast. We´re besties. 

We had a ROCKING awesome lesson with the Marques family. They´re less active and I love em like the dickens. The spirit is always so strong when we´re there, and THEY CAME TO CHURCH TOGETHER YESTERDAY. The Irmã had to work, but the rest of the family came :) 

Matilde is holding on. She doesn´t have any doubt whatsoever about the gospel or the church or anything, but life is really, really hard for her right now. Satan´s doing EVERYTHING in his power to keep her from having it all. Her son died a few weeks ago and there are a lot of problems with her husband that we´re trying to help with. She is THE sweetest person I´ve ever met and she is the LAST person who deserves everything she´s had to pass through. We fasted with her last weekend and she´s praying like nobody´s business to know what to do or for her husband´s heart to change and tão. This week she looked even more upset than the week before, and I just want her to be able to live the gospel without problems and receive the support she needs. SO difficult. 

Claudinei, son of her hub, is still hesitant to be baptized but he´s READY for it, soooo we´ll see where that goes in the future. 

PS yall, I got my return date and I´ll be home on November 11th! Prepare yourselves. 

And just because I like numbers and what not-
including today makes 61 weeks/61 emails home....
and just 16 emails home before I´M back home :´)

Just 16 little emails... yikes. 

BUT I love yall, until next week!

Sister Morrill

Monday, July 7, 2014

Just another week in the best country in the world

What happened this week? 

lemme tell ya bout it.

We visited Matilde. I stinking love her too much. You could tell it had been a hard week for her, she has problems with her hub and I just want SO badly that all of her trials could just go away and she could be happy. We asked her what she thinks of the Book of Mormon and the church. She already knows it´s true. she wants it in her life. She is incredible. I know that trials are going to come and it´s going to be REALLY stinking hard because they are so strong and so prepared, but I KNOW that the 3 of them in that family will be baptized. I don´t know exactly if I will be here to see it, but I sure hope so and I´m going to do all I can to prepare them for it! I adore that family.

We had zone meeting on the 4th of July!! Elder Hakes (american) and Elder Rodrigues (brasilian-learned english from Elder Hakes.. it´s a bask) are both in my District and it´s such a BASK. non-ending party with a spiritual message mixed in from our District Leader. I love having friends in our district, SO much better. Unfortunately we´re in brazil and they don´t care about the USA´s independence, so nothing happened other than a big ol hug from all the american sisters. We found out about transfers (ps I have 2 transfers left after this... just 2. this is getting weird.) Sister Simões and I are staying together for another transfer :´) I get to finish training mah baby girl. This transfer is going to be a blast. PS I GOT MAIL FROM YALL AT THE MEETING. LETTERS FROM MEGAN AND ABBY LEGITIMATELY MADE ME TEAR UP. We have time to relax this pday and yall will have letters headed your way as of tomorrow ;) I miss yallllllllll.

Anyways... Im pumped for this transfer. Sister Simões had been SUPER stressed because of health and everything and it was taking a toll on every other aspect of our work haha, so the week before was really difficult, but we were talking yesterday and everything is SO MUCH BETTER. she´s really loving the area and the people and she hasnt felt any pain in 2 days now and we have some rocking goals to set this area on FIRE. We´re coming back with a vengeance. 

We made a devotional in Joaçaba and invited the areas of our whole district. It was called ´´O Maior Missionario No Mundo´´.....aka The Greatest Missionary In The World. For the past couple of weeks we´ve told everyone in our branch that the greatest missionary in the world was coming to Joaçaba, but didn´t tell em who it was.. everyone was super pumped and guessing who would it be, and errrbody came on Saturday to see... The greatest missionary in the world is the Book of Mormon ;) we got a huge box and covered it blue and I made it look LEGIT with the book of mormon font and all written ´´O LIVRO DO MORMON´ on the front. we opened the devotional and then invited the ´´greatest missionary in the world´´ to come in....and Elder Hakes walked in wearing the giant book of mormon box. Everyone  was like HA, GOTCHA KKK... Best reveal ever. But the missionaries all shared things about the book of mormon, his purpose, that we have the opportunity to share him and everything... it was SUPER powerful and our branch L O V E D it ;´) So great.

Ummmm Im running out of time as always, but enjoy this little number junk that I discovered.

In my mission so far..

1 baptism
2 countries
3 mission presidents
5 areas
10 companions
11 transfers
14 months

and blessings = infinite. 

I´m getting old up in here. It´s weird. I´ve got 4 more months to keep them MIRACLES coming haha. We´re gonna KILL IT!

Until next week, gente!

Love ya,
Sister Morrill