Monday, August 25, 2014

Still going

hey yall.

One week with 1 set of missionaries here in Campos Novos. I´m still not crazy about it, but it´s fine.

This week was super slow and we were really just trying to get to know each other´s investigators and organize the area. 

Everything´s okay here. 

It´s going to be a really, really long few weeks. 

But it will be good. 

Miracles are coming.

That´s about all I´ve got for ya this week, ha. 

Til next monday!

Sister Morrill

Monday, August 18, 2014

Just a lil heartbreak.

WELL if you´re looking for happiness and uplifting junk this week, I´d love to help BUT you aren´t going to find it in this letter today. Just letting yall know. 


It´s transfer week.

My baby girl Sister Simões finished her training. Transfers are inevitable. 

This area is HARD. My companion is perfect. I did not want transfers. 

But God had another plan.

The work was about killing us all week long. Our entire district is SUPER close and no one wanted anyone to be transferred. Normally transfer calls come on Friday night. I, Sister Simões, Sister Cozzens, and Sister Mantovani (roommates) all went to the pastelaria, bought a mountain of sweet, chocolate filled pasteis, and made the trek home to await the dreaded calls.. We all wound up laying on the floor staring at the phones in the middle. The call didn´t come. We couldn´t sleep for crappp.

Saturday came around. Still, nobody knew what would happen with tranfers. 

9 PM came around.. President Silva called. Told me to gather the 4 of us together and throw the phone on speaker. President doesn´t normally call for transfers. There is JUNK going down this transfer.

He told Sister Cozzens that she´s being transferred to Lages......Then he told her that her companion would be Sister Simões.


They´re shutting down my area. I´m going to stay in Campos Novos and continue training Sister Mantovani.. I´ve been doing 12 week program since January. Ya get tired of it, man. But Sister Mantovani is cool so it should be okay. Sister Simões is basically my best friend. I adore her. She´s my favorite person in this entire mission. I´m sad to be seperated from my Carioca, but now I´ll have a Paulista! But that being said, they´re taking a companionship out of here, there will just be us two, our house will feel empty. The rest of the district is staying luckily, but we´re all still super bummed. 

This is the hardest area I´ve everrrr had. I feel like the 2nd companionship of sisters is more so that we have emotional support because this place is killer, but i guess it will all work out. I love Campos Novos and the people here, but it´s really, really difficult. I´m on my second to last transfer, and it´s completely possible that I´ll just stay here until the end of my mission. 6 months in Campos Novos. That´s nuts. I´ve got 3 so far. 

We´ll see. 

We´re all stressed and anxious and as sad as junk here, but I´m hoping the work will pick up now that we´ve got the entire city again. Who knows. 

Missing yall a ton!

Til next week,
Sister Morrill

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey yall.

Yesterday didn´t give a lot of time to write, but for now know that I´m good. The week was a bit lost because we had to travel to Videira for a zone meeting so we lost 2 days of work here. We taught Mario (he´s a turd but it´s fine). when we finished the lesson  Claudinei ran into the house freaking out because his girlfriend was drunk. she walked/crawled/fell all over herself into the house and just kept mumbling about how her mom won´t let her go to church with ´´god´s girls´´ tomorrow if she stayed at his house. Irmã Irma (Claudine´s grandma) had to calm everyone down and sort things out because Claudinei was a wreck. It was pretty great. Mission life is nuts.. Eliane is alright, we didn´t get to teach her this week but she´s still excited and what not..
other than that there´s nothing really to tell haha, but i love yall and I´ll talk to yall next Monday!
-Sister Morrill

Monday, August 4, 2014


Well last week was hard and junk, but WE FOUND A MIRACLE THIS WEEK.

The miracle... It´s a family. A family of golden investigators.

Eliane, Anderson, and MariEduarda.

They met with a member of the ipomeia district a few weeks ago. He talked about the gospel with them. He gave us the referral.

They´re incredible. We taught them the restoration this week. They WANT this to change their lives. They need it. I can´t even describe it.

I´m out of time.

But we finally met Matilde again!

She and Valdinei seperated. But she looks SO MUCH HAPPIER. I was so happy to see her. She´s great. Still hurting with all that´s happened, but she´s SO wonderful. 

Also I had another allergic reaction to some but bite and everything was inflamed and itching and i had to go to the hospital last week, but it´s all good now. No worries. I didn´t have to geta vaccine so I don´t really care. I still hate doctors, though. 

Love yalllll, gotta go.

Til  next week :)

Sister Morrill