Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey yall.

Yesterday didn´t give a lot of time to write, but for now know that I´m good. The week was a bit lost because we had to travel to Videira for a zone meeting so we lost 2 days of work here. We taught Mario (he´s a turd but it´s fine). when we finished the lesson  Claudinei ran into the house freaking out because his girlfriend was drunk. she walked/crawled/fell all over herself into the house and just kept mumbling about how her mom won´t let her go to church with ´´god´s girls´´ tomorrow if she stayed at his house. Irmã Irma (Claudine´s grandma) had to calm everyone down and sort things out because Claudinei was a wreck. It was pretty great. Mission life is nuts.. Eliane is alright, we didn´t get to teach her this week but she´s still excited and what not..
other than that there´s nothing really to tell haha, but i love yall and I´ll talk to yall next Monday!
-Sister Morrill

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