Monday, August 4, 2014


Well last week was hard and junk, but WE FOUND A MIRACLE THIS WEEK.

The miracle... It´s a family. A family of golden investigators.

Eliane, Anderson, and MariEduarda.

They met with a member of the ipomeia district a few weeks ago. He talked about the gospel with them. He gave us the referral.

They´re incredible. We taught them the restoration this week. They WANT this to change their lives. They need it. I can´t even describe it.

I´m out of time.

But we finally met Matilde again!

She and Valdinei seperated. But she looks SO MUCH HAPPIER. I was so happy to see her. She´s great. Still hurting with all that´s happened, but she´s SO wonderful. 

Also I had another allergic reaction to some but bite and everything was inflamed and itching and i had to go to the hospital last week, but it´s all good now. No worries. I didn´t have to geta vaccine so I don´t really care. I still hate doctors, though. 

Love yalllll, gotta go.

Til  next week :)

Sister Morrill

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