Friday, May 31, 2013

The empty seaaaaa

Ola everyone!!
IT'S P-DAY, IT'S P-DAY! We've been here for 10 days and it's FINALLY P-DAY. I am so much more excited than I should be. I got to do laundry and write everyone and it's fabulous.
SO.... are you ready for the MTC experience so far? If you really want to know everything.. I'm sorry. There's so much happening here that I'd have to write you every. day. to even help you understand everything that's happening, and I still would miss SO much.
I'll start with my companheiras! I'm in a trio, and my companions are Sister Shaw and Sister Thomas. I was so excited when I got my packet here telling me who my comps were, I knew Sister Thomas from EFY when we were 15 or 16, and I NEVER thought we would even see each other, and WE'RE COMPY-COMPS. Sister Shaw and I were basically automatic best friends. I adore her. We can't go even an hour without laughing hysterically, but there is such a strong spirit when we're studying too. We have the BEST companionship. It's rough sometimes being in a trio, but we are making the best of it and LIVING LA VIDA LOCA. That's spanish but it's been in my head for 3 hours, so bear with me. My district (kinda small group of missionaries in an area) is FANTASTIC. We clicked right away and we're all just the best of friends. The Elders are so funny. I mean us Sisters are too, but I can't even handle them. Our whole district will have abs of steel by the time we leave because we're a l w a y s laughing.
On Day 2 (1st full day @ the MTC), we were able to meet our Branch Presidency, who are essentially like our Mission Presidency while we're in the MTC.. We had a meeting so we could get to know each other, and it was pretty phenomenal, no lie. The 1st counselor spoke and I felt like I was in a scene from Top Gun. He was "lecturing" saying "DISTRICT 69 is, and will continue to be, the best of the best" and he continued.. and the whole time I was just waiting for the theme song to just start BLARING in the background "NAAAA NAA NAAA NA DANGER ZONEEEE" while Tom Cruise came in with a dramatic enterance... But there was no Tom Cruise at the MTC, nope nope nope.
I RAN INTO ELDER JONES FROM LAKEWOOD RANCH! I actually have seen him quite a bit, he's going English speaking and he tries to speak to me in portugues every time we talk, it's so fun. I'm running into a bunch of people from the BC too, it's greattttt.
We started teaching an "investigator", Carlos, TOTALLY in portuguese on the 3RD DAY. It was roughhhhh but we've gotten so much better! We taught him 5 licaos (lessons), and now Carlos, who is really Brother Rodrigues, is one of our teachers. He's from Sao Paulo BRAZIL, and he lived in Jacksonville for a while. He's mad cool. Our other teacher is Irma Wells and I ADORE HER. She is so great. She served in the Brazil Santa Maria mission and her portuguese is rockin awesome.
PORT CHARLOTTE YSA- this is for you.
There are like 4-5 Californians in my zone. One is my roommate, and 2 of them are in my distrito (district). They absolutelyyyy have that Cali accent and I'm CONSTANTLY quoting The Californians and my roommate is the only one who understands. It is ridiculous. I walk into my room and look at Sister Sirmans and go "WHUAUAAAAAUUDDERYOUDOINHERE?" Instantly dying of laughter.
PS. ABBY ANDERSON. I'M CALLING YOU OUT. Write me a letter or DearElder or somethinggggg cause I need your address. For real.
Also, EVERYONE. Write me. I love letters. And I'm getting a lot. And they're almost all from my mom. I love my mom, but COME ON GUYS. SEND ME SOME LOVIN'. (PS THANK YOU Olivia and Emily for your letters. They made my life. and YSA/Institute, THANK YOU ALL. I'm sending letters your way ;) )
If you don't like snail mail, go to (or maybe it's, idk.) and send it that way. It's just as fast as an email but I CAN GET THEM EVERY DAY. And I have more than 1 hour a week to write everyone back. Seriously email time is so stressful hahaha. We went to 18M to print our emails out, wrote out our responses while we did laundry, and now we're just pounding away on the keyboard trying to finish all our emails in time. THIS IS MADNESS.
The MTC is THE BEST. We're all on a spiritual and emotional roller coaster, but it's good. If you get a solid 8 hours of sleep, you are beyond lucky. Lights off at 10:30, up at 6:30, half an hour to get ready, breakfast, hours of class, etc etc etc. The schedule is insane. We seriously pack 30+ hours of work into an 16 hour day. It's amazing. We look back thinking HOW DID WE DO ALL OF THAT? The MTC exists of exhaustion, excitement, happiness, frustration, etc.. Literally we feel and do so much in one day. It is the hardest thing on the planet but this is all SO worth it. I love how much we're learning and how far we've come in just 10 days.
I'm in the MTC Choir, the director is SO FUN. But that's not the news. The news is that we're performing for something BIG BIG BIG at the Marriott Center (@BYU) on June 23rd. They won't tell us what it is. But hit up or whatever else you can get your hands on, and find out what we're singing for. I'm assuming it'll be on BYUtv or something but i dunno man, check it out. It's kind of a big deal.
Love always,
Sister Morrill

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