Monday, November 11, 2013

Soooo i'm wrapping up my first week in Bass Lake. Last Tuesday after I wrote yall, we had sushi with Sister Clayson (one of my favorite people ever in my last area) and it was great. She's the cutest and sushi was delicious. We spent a lot a lot a lot of time packing, I had to say goodbye to Larry (thought it would kill me, but hey, here I am), we had dinner with another one of my favorite families, said goodbye to a few families in the ward, and said goodbye to Donna. That was sad. She was super upset that I was leaving and I was sad to leave her. She always calls us her kids and she'll call herself "momma donna". "Grandma Donna would be more appropriate, but whatever floats her boat. I love her to pieces. 

Bright and early Wednesday morning we went to the mission office for Sister Zenger to get her new companion.. She's training another visa waiter haha, YEAH BOY. And Sister Barker drove me up to El Dorado. We got up there and all I was just instantly in love with the area. The hills are basically mountains, there are trees EVERYWHERE, the leaves are all turning color and I just want to take photos of all of it, it's perfect. I don't want my visa yet, I love Bass Lake too much. We had to build our own bunk bed since there's 3 of us now, SUCH A PAIN...Then we had to build an office chair... and a desk.. and a dresser. My heart goes out to parents everywhere who have ever had to make a bunk bed for their kids. They are ridiculous.

COMPANIONS. I am in a trio again. I was dreading it from the minute I got my transfer call, but it's immensely better than I thought it would be. I am LOVING Sister McLelland so so much. She's from Highland, Utah. We get along wonderfully and she's keepin' me sane :) we're TIGHT. But trios are hard. I don't recommend them. It's great when it comes to teaching, we are so unified and it's easier not to talk too much and to pass it on to someone else, but other parts of a trio are not so easy. I know they're helping me learn and grow so much though. Slightly different scenario than in the MTC, but I'm always blessed with a ROCKIN awesome companion that keeps me laughing through the rest of it. My other comp is Sister Twitchell, who I honestly really DO love. I do. It's just a little harder for me to do it sometimes. She just finished her training and this is her 3rd transfer here, so Sister McLelland and I are follow-up training and trying to learn the area and the people as fast as we can haha. I learned my last area so quickly because we were full time bike, but we're still figuring out and working hard!

These people are SO great! The members here are all SO missionary minded and they're so welcoming to everyone. Our ward mission leader has coined the phrase "Just LOVE EM UP!" For everything. Love the missionaries. Love the investigators. Love the random weird ones that walk in every so often. Just love em up. We just added a ROCKSTAR of an investigator, Cathlina, and she's great! We taught her on Wednesday for the first time, came back two days later and talked to her about the restoration of the gospel. It was THE most spiritual lesson any of us have ever been in. She's taking the lessons more for informational purposes because she has family members who are LDS, but she asks all the BEST questions and the spirit is so strong in our lessons. I love it. She's a sweetheart.

The bishop and ward mission leader here are FUNNY. Sundays are such a blast. We were in ward council and we were just cracking up the entire time. They're all so much younger than my last ward or my home ward, Bass Lake is BUMPIIIN'. Brother Lyons (the ward mission leader) is hilarious and just spews of these jokes the whole time and I was dying. I want to stay here forever. 

We are living with members again, I LOVE IT HERE! We live with the Duffy family and they are the sweetest old couple. They're so great and I don't feel like I'm infringing on their territory haha, so that's nice.

There's so much to say about this area, I could go on forever but I gotta go. Love yall!! 

Um abraco,
Sister Morrill

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  1. You are now, literally in my old stomping grounds, my old stake. Let me know if you make it up to Placerville for zone conference or anything. That is where I went to high school. Ask if on your P-day you can go to Apple Hill. It's the bomb! Seriously….I will see if I can find you a ride up if you need it. Love ya much!!