Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This week has been fantastic and hard and wonderful and exhausting..... You know, just like the rest of my mission basically. I'm going to stop using the phrase "hardest part of my mission thus far" because every time I say that, I'm pretty sure that God laughs and just throws something to me, saying "Oh? Well what about THIS?" BAM. TRIAL. 

But that's okay. It builds character. 

Before we get into all of that though, it is TRANSFER WEEK.

Sister Zenger is staying in Northridge and TRAINING A GREENIE :') I'm a proud companion...

But that means I am leaving the area :'( 

So so so upset. I don't want to go. I love this ward so much! I know I'm needed in my new area though, so I'll go and I know I'll come to love the people there just as much :)

I am going to the hills, El Dorado hills! I'll be in the Bass Lake ward.......in a trio.........bah. I'm nervous about the trio after the MTC, but I know it will be a good experience and that there's a reason we're together. Maybe I'll even have a visa comin' in, who knows. My companions are Sister Twitchell and Sister McLellan. I don't know them yet, so that will be an adventure!

Everyone loves El Dorado, and we get to do REAL tree cutting, hard working, get your rear in gear service. I am PUMPED. I know it will be so good, I am just super sad to leave all these people that I have come to love so much haha. HARD HARD HARD.

So Thursday was Halloween. Halloween was the worst day ever. And I love Halloween. It started with a MIRACLE in the morning and then someone had to rain on our parade. I don't want to go into it because it's long and sad and complicated, and I was upset and sad and frustrated and mad and confused and all kinds of things. But basically Larry is still a champion and his heart is all wrapped around the gospel, he loves it and he does everything he needs to. He is the best missionary in the whole ward, without a doubt. He shares it with everyone and he'll clear up any misconception anyone could possibly have about mormons. His wife and step-daughter went to the LDS church in their area last week and we think they're meeting with missionaries.. I am so excited for him. He is NOT afraid to open his mouth and talk to anyone. He is the greatest. Anyways, Larry is still doing wonderfully but Thursday things came up and he's got a few things to work through before he can be baptized. That was hard. I cried. I don't ever cry, dang it. It will be a while but I know he's going to stay so strong. I can't wait to come back after the mission and see all these people again, I just love em all. 

AFTER all of that, we had a zone activity for Halloween! We got to watch Ephraim's Rescue and had dinner and zone training. Missionary life at it's best. Holidays and church movies.

Pretty sure I have been the worst influence (in the best way) to Sister Zenger. She's the perfect proper, (not always but often) quiet missionary, and my wild side has been rubbing off on her and it cracks me up because now she says things that just catch me so off guard with her cute put together self. She's still the best missionary ever but she is FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY.


Z- "I didn't shave my legs for halloween"
M- "I did a few days ago idk"
Z- "I didn't... Like FREE PETTING ZOO OVER HERE. Normally you have to pay but this is completely freeeeeee"
           ...that's mah girl.

"OH MY GOSH MY HAND IS ON FIRE" -Sister Z in trying to stay calm in PANIC MODE.... we get bored sometimes, don't worry about it.

M- "what kind of drunk do you think Sister _____ would be?"
Z- "Depressed, definitely depressed"

Disclaimer: These conversations are not nearly as exciting in context but those few funny moments have to be shared. 

I AM SO SAD TO LEAVE SISTER ZENGER. It's taken us 4-5 weeks to really warm up to each other but I just adore her and I'm so sad to leave. It will be wonderful though. She is going to be the best trainer ever. 

Well we have a lot to do and no time, so we're OUT, but I love and miss you all. The mission address is still the same so feel free to write letters... lots of em maybe ;) AMO VOCES, TCHAU TCHAU.

Com amor,
Irma Morrill

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