Monday, February 17, 2014




Things happened this week. It was good. Missionary life is picking up. (watch my visa come now, BAH.) 

So last Monday all of our plans fell through after p-day. Bummer. So we were walking around the sketchy-sketch neighborhood in the dark and trying to decide who we needed to see or who would be around or SOMETHING. So we found these two guys chillin in their garage, and we decided to play dumb and ask how to get to a nearby street. (Yeah, we creep sometimes. What of it? We have eternal life on the line here.) So we asked them how to get there, and naturally the "What are you ladies up to?" follows. WELLLL, let me tell you. We're the missionaries. We teach people about Christ. Eternal families. Baptism. Peace and blessings. God loves you. Whatever the spirit leads us to say. Word vomit. They asked us questions. We gave them both a Book of Mormon. "Well this thing here will answer those questions" BAM. One of their names was David and the other was high, so I dunno. But he (David) wants to read and told us to come back. BEAUT.

Tuesday was ZONE CONFERENCE. My favorite. Well, mostly. We learned SO MUCH. Elder Baxter wasn't there so we weren't afraid to breath or look up or whatever. Everything was back to normal. I didn't have to dress up like an angel. No problems. BUT.... President has every missionary prepare a 2-3 minute talk about a certain subject, and he calls a couple of them up randomly near the end of the conference. I dread it. But there are like 60-80ish missionaries there, so I thought I'd be fine again. Haven't been picked yet, why not wait one more conference? Wrong. President liked it. He called me first. Naturally. So I had to share my talk. All the departing missionaries share their testimonies at the beginning of the conference, and I was chosen to finish it. Lovely. I was not amused. But I learned SO MUCH in preparing for this talk. I needed it. Definitely didn't want it, but I absolutely needed it. I needed to remember what I'm doing here. I got caught up in Manteca and missing the people in Bass Lake and how much work we had to do there and blahhhhh blah blah and all kinds of stuff. So much. But I had to remember the impact the gospel has had in my life, how the Sisters at Temple Square essentially changed everything I thought and believed and how much happier I had become since then. Now it's my turn to find those people who need that same uplift. I'm here to find the people who can replace me when I leave the mission. I'm here to help them receive the blessings by following the example of Jesus Christ. I forgot. This work is SO IMPORTANT. 

I'm out of email time. Got to go. But I love you all a lot, fique suave.

Love, Sister Morrill

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