Monday, February 10, 2014


Things are slowly, slowly picking up here. It's definitely an uphill climb, but man it's STEEP. 

Things happened this week, buuut I still feel like I've got nothing to share. I'm not as excited here as I was in Carmichael or El Dorado. I love the area and I'm getting to know the people, buuuuut still different. None of our investigators really have legitimate direction orrrr serious motivation to really pursue the church or learn about it. They're kind of stuck in their lives and don't get it and we try to talk about it but they don't get it. It's hard. I've had so much more inspiration this week though to work as hard as I possibly can. I'm called as a missionary. I'm a representative of Jesus Christ, and I don't want to waste a SECOND of my time here. I have a purpose. I have people to meet and things to do and all kinds of things that I need to do people I need to search for. I don't know what else to sayyyyyyyy now. We were supposed to have exchanges this week, they got delayed :) SISTER MAUGHAN IS MY SISTER TRAINING LEADER. She was Sister McLelland's trainer. She is the beeeeeest. I've got a few great people around me. It's great. Well I'm out, there's a ukulele in the room and I need to play it. Love yall.

Tchau tchau!

Sister Morrill

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