Tuesday, March 25, 2014


IM IN MY MISSION. IM IN FLORIANOPOLIS. I DONT UNDERSTAND A WHOLE LOT. BUT SOMEHOW IM TALKING TO PEOPLE... Also Im tying on brazilian keyboards again so i dont really know whats going on. desculpa. BUT... um this is cool. Im legitimately excited to be here. ITS MY BIRTHDAY. RIGHT NOW. IM TWENTY YEARS OLD. AND IM IN BRAZIL. IN FLORIANOPOLIS. I JUST MET MY MISSION PRESIDENT. Pretty sure nobody knows its mah birthday but its fine, still gonna party.... in my mind.. as i try to interpret all this portuguese. yikes.
Presidente and Sister Fernandes are the cutest people on the planet. I adore them. Even though I dont really understand them.
Random tidbit of information- i have an unidentified giant bump on the back of my leg that may or may not be a rockin but bite. dunno yet. Florianopolis is BEAUTIFUL. Island. Mountains. all green. it is incredible. cant describe it. dont have time right now but i will right yall next week... love ya loads!
fique louco no estados ;)
AMO VOCES. send me mail in english mmkay? that would be cool.
Sister Morrill

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