Monday, July 28, 2014

Study, eat, work, sleep. Vida missionaria.

Hey yall.

Number and work-wise, this week has been fantastic. We´re finding um monte of new investigators via knocking doors and what not, we taught the ones that we found the week before, it´s all been good. Claudinei headed to Florianopolis for the Aeronáutico academy.. I forgot how to say it in english but it´s close, right?  Anyways, he was ready to stay there for good if he was accepted and start training and working for them... so we thought we lost him f o r e v e r.. BUT he wasn´t accepted (unfortunately for him, fortunately for us). We´re bummed too because he was WAY excited. But he´s back now and we´ll see him this week!

Other than that we´re working like nobody´s business and I´ve still been discouraged and stressed até o pô, but I´m hoping things are more chill this week and I can enjoy being here again haha. I´ve got 3 1/2 more months to bask in Brazil and an eternity to think about it. It will all be good.

Matilde has fallen off the face of the planet. Valdinei and Matilde seperated and he´s staying at his other place and Matilde´s been staying with her brother and settling things with the death of her son, so I know she´s gotta be super busy.. but it´s been 2-3 weeks. She said she´d call to mark an appointment with us buuuut... a week later and she still hasn´t called. She´s the most elect person I´ve ever met so I trust that she´ll come back up, just gotta wait wait WAIT. 

Miss yall back home, hope everything is WONDERFUL over there! 

Until next week!
Sister Morrill

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