Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What's that?

You thought this was over? You thought I was done?


I figured.... why stop in the mission? Those weekly letters are everything on the mission, why wouldn't I find joy in it now? I love sharing. Time, stories, food... I love sharing what's going on and hearing from others, so I'm continuing this blog to try to continue that habit, and hopefully somewhere along the way someone gets something out of this, and maybe it will do good for someone somewhere.

Let's talk about RM life thus far.

I've been home for 13 days. 

It took me 9 to watch a normal movie. The movie was Mockingjay pt 1. It was intense.. I then had to have a Hunger Games marathon the next day because I had never seen Catching Fire, nor remembered what the whole thing was really about. That was a lot of movie time. A lot of violent movie time. It was rockin. Just different after a year and a half of Jesus 24/7. #RMprobs

Hugs are nice. I'll hug anyone and (almost) everyone. Minus the creepers. I'm dreading going to the YSA branch because giving a homecoming talk or stake conference are no longer valid excuses anymore. This Sunday it's just YSA and I. Baby steps, baby steps.

In case anyone missed it, this happened.

That one's still fresh. I don't want to talk about that right now.

But I'll get over it.

I have been eating unholy amounts of Taco Bell (specifically for the Baja Blasts and Crunchwrap Supreme, if you must know).

I speak to myself in Portuguese when no one's around. People tell me I have a latino accent. 

I always joked about the RM's (as young as 5 days off the mish to 50 years) who go on "well on my mission, we...." rants... 
But I have become one of them. But it's where I've spent the last year and a half of my life, so give me a break.

I'm looking for a job. I'm hoping to marry a rich man one day so I can not work or look for jobs. PS everyone.. I mean EVERYONE talks about marriage and I can't handle it right now. I don't recognize anyone on facebook because they all got hitched and changed their last names. I came back and it's all the same but it's all different. I don't know how to explain it. My life plan right now is the following:
     *get a job
     *save money from said job
     *get an apartment
     *stay in said apartment at least til my sister graduates in may
     *if I still have money saved, roadtrip to California and everywhere in between for the summer
and then
     *figure the rest of my life out.

so in case you were curious, there it is. 

That's it.

The first two weeks really haven't been too crazy, I'm just trying to get unlost and it's just frustrating, sooooo I'll get back to ya when exciting things start happening again okay? okay. beleza.



Just Jordan.

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  1. very good this page. Wish you realize your projects as soon as possible . The Rio de Janeiro and the Simões family awaits you with open arms. kisses