Friday, June 14, 2013

Operation: Ellis Attack.

Hey heyyyyy errbody.
How's life in the real world?
I've been in the MTC for 3 1/2 weeks.. WHAT. Sister Shaw and I have been getting a little stir-crazy, joking about breaking out of the MTC and all kinds of fun stuff. Before I get into this I just wanted to say how much I EL OH EL OH EL OH L-O-V-E MY COMPANIONS. They are just perfect. We had a rough start, being in a trio, but we've come SO FAR and we're having a blast with it. There's always more to work on of course, but really. They're fantastic. And my roommates. I just adore all of them.
So here's Operation: Ellis Attack.
This beautiful lil lady that's going to my mission has been writing me while I'm at the MTC, and she's actually from Elder Ellis' town (Elder Ellis is in my district) and they know each other and it's super cool. And every time I get a letter from her he gets uber jealous, and it's hilarious. He's so fun. It's been great. But now I'm turning it around a little.. But ya gotta help me. Deal? Good. So since we've had this little feud going on for the past few weeks, I want literally all of you to write him. Do it. You don't even have to mention me. Actually you shouldn't. Or do. Who cares. But I want him to get an INFINITE amount of Dear Elders, like tomorrow. Get on it everyone. I have faith in you. I want that stack of letters to be so big that he has to make his companions help him carry them to residence. This is serious people. He has the exact same address as me while we're at the MTC. Elder Samuel Ellis. Git R' Done! I'll even lay it all out for you..
Elder Samuel Ellis
MTC Mailbox #72
BRA-FLO 0702
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604
Also, our estimated departure date? I think that's what they call it.. But it's July 1st. I think they ask for that on DearElder. Yeah. So go for it.
I'm trying really hard not to type this in portugues, and if I throw portugues in here I am genuinely sorry. So our district is trying to focus on FSL (Fala Sua Lingua/Speak Your Language) for the rest of our time at the MTC, and weee are slacking a little bit, but we actually can say so much. It's crazy. Like we can keep a legitimate conversation. It's broken, but it's portugues. I love speaking portuguese. Irmão Rodrigues went to Brazil for the week, so we have a sub for our classes in the evening. His name is Irmão James and he is kind of awesome. Since Irmão Rodrigues is gone so is our "investigator" Ruben, so we have a new investigator named Hino for the week. I LOVE HINO SO MUCH. He has liver problems that requires him to have lots of transfusions, so he's sick and it's sooo sad. But he is golden. He was so excited about what we taught him and he LOVES reading the scriptures. He wants to be batizado already. I adore him. I know he's not a real investigator, but I feel so much love for all of our pesquisadors, it's kind of ridiculous.
Since we finished teaching Carlos and we got new investigators, we made a goal to go into lessons without ANY notes.. which means we're depending completely on the spirit to show us what to say. It was sooo scary at first not being able to look up words and write what we were going to say, but we have seen SO MANY blessings and have had so many amazing experiences, all because we show that we trust the Holy Ghost to guide us. I love it.
OH OH OH. I SAW COLE LYMAN...ERR. ELDER LYMAN YESTERDAY. We both got ridiculously excited. It was really hard not to hug him. Us missionaries have gotten super skilled at that awkward avoid-the-hug-by-throwing-your-hand-out for a hand shake. super awk. But it's great. Mission life is going to be awkward. Awkwardness is the best though. I can't even count the awkward moments we've already had, but they're hilarious at the same time.
Apparently everyone and their mother saw me on TV? O que?! I didn't even see any cameras while we were walking, and I was probably acting like a fool with my compy comps, so I hope it's not super awk. No biggie anyways. We were walking to the Marriot Center @ BYU to rehearse for the broadcast on the 23rd! It's being shown on BYUtv too, so really... Everyone should be watching. The Work of Salvation.. idk what time. It's everywhere. Watch it.
On Tuesday we had a devotional by Elder Arnold, in the seventy.. It. Was. So. Great. In part of the talk he talked about the Sacredness of our Call, and it got me thinking soooo much. This mission is not about me. This is NOT my time at all. This is God's time. This is for His work. and I am going to devote every second to Him and to furthering His work. His wife spoke also, saying to "cheerfully do everything in your power". I know when we do that we will see miracles. If we give everything we have, share our testimonies with everyone we can, and keep a good attitude through it all, we will be SUCH  a great instrument in the Lord's hands, and that we will come back from our mission with no regrets. Part of devoting ALL your time consists of "leaving behind all personal affairs" I've definitely realized how important that is. I am here to serve.  On my mission, my purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. And I need to give ALL of me to be able to do that. That's been one of the hardest things to do, especially today. but I know that blessings will come with that as well. I can't be the best missionary I can be, or help our investigators, or be AS successful and I COULD be, if I am constantly thinking about home and the people and things that are there. I love them all. They will always be a part of my life and you are all definitely in my heart, I want to be a part of your lives, and I hope I will. For these 18 months my time is God's time. Right now I am here to help others. I am not here for myself. I know as i learn to practice EXACT obedience that I will see the difference it makes in my life and in others lives. I love this work. I love it. It is so difficult sometimes but it is SO important.
For the "Devotional After-Party" as I like to call it, we get to choose between some old devotionals to rewatch, or some church movies on occasion.. We watched the Joseph Smith movie: Prophet of the Restoration aaaaand it was fantastic. I haven't seen a movie in a month ahaha. It was like Christmas. I seriously encourage EVERYONE to watch it. I don't care who you are. Find it somewhere. Watch it. It is such a powerful, TRUE story, and it explains the restoration of the Gospel better than I ever could. It is great.
I'm outta time over hurrrr, I love you all so much!
 Tchau tchau from the MTC :)
Com amor,
Sister Morrill

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