Friday, June 7, 2013

Semana Dois/Tres

So the MTC is just crazy. So I'm pretty sure I told you all I'm in a trio, idk. Being in a trio is honestly so roughhh but we've made so much progress. Sister Shaw is the BEST (BTW mom, she is from Texas). We've already made plans to live in a Brazilian community in Florida after our missions and it's pretty much legit.. k maybe not, but it would awesome. There are 5 of us in a room, and one day our roommate, Sister McElderry, started rambling about cows and how they have "best friends" and if their cow friend leaves they get really sad because there attached or something. But since then Sister Shaw and I are always like "VOCE SAO MINHA VACA!" We're tight. This probably isn't even funny to y'all.. Sorry. You had to be there. Anywaysss now Sister McElderry. She's one of our roommates and I ADORE HER. She's from Arkansas, and we nicknamed her ArkanSASS because she's the sassiest person you will meet. ever. She is hilarious. We're soul sisters. We have a secret handshake. It's pretty serious. Those two girls have me laughing to the point of tears multiple times a day. They're both going to Sao Paulo Leste and I'm going to Floripa and we are all soooooo upset because we don't want to be seperated. We're hoping that we get reassigned to the same mission while we wait for our visas hahaha.
I promise I'll get to important things eventually, but the world needs to hear more about this first. So Sister Shaw and I have been plotting against Sister McElderry, and my friend that works here as security, being the awesome person that he is, hooked us up with candy and a big roll of yarn. Soooo long story short, last night we stayed up until she was asleep and basically covered her bunk with yarn and made it impossible for her to get out. I'll be honest we spent sooo much time, sooo late doing this.. but her reaction when she woke up was priceless. It was fantastic.
On another note, me and my companions are doing a musical number for church on Sunday! Sister Thomas is playing piano (she is AMAZING) and Sister Shaw and I are singing a medley of Because I Have Been Given Much and How Great Thou Art. I don't know how I got roped into this, but I haven't listened to music in 2 and a half weeks so I'm singing everywhereeeee to make up for it. And my companions are apparently are tone deaf because they're okay with me singing with them. Nah. Sister Shaw has a beautiful voice though, so it drowns out my mistakes ;)
As far as choir goes, they have told us what's going on with the broadcast on the 23rd haha. So go watch it, you might see me mmmkay?
On Sunday, Ted Gibbons spoke for our devotional and it was absolutely phenomenal. He broke the typical devotional format, and came on stage acting as Willard Richards, Joseph Smith's bodyguard, and gave his account of Joseph Smith's story. It was SO powerful. I have so much for Joseph and Emma Smith for everything they endured for the restoration of the gospel. As we watched Brother Willard's account, the Joseph soundtrack by Nashville Tribute Band played in my mind. There is so much power in those songs, and even more so in the words of Joseph Smith. We are teaching 2 new investigators, Carla and Ruben, and I was able to teach them about Joseph Smith and how he was able to bring to pass the restoration of the gospel, and translate the Book of Mormon through our Heavenly Father. I was able to recite to both of them the 1st vision em portugues. It is amazing. We're teaching our investigators completely in portugues, and we've gone into all of our lessons after teaching Carlos without ANY notes. It was so difficult to do at first, but it leaves us with the opportunity to truly speak through the Spirit and focus on the people we teach. I love this work so much. It is hard, but it is SO beyond worth it. There is honestly nothing I would rather be doing.
A week or two ago in a devotional, I think the MTC President's wife had quoted Joseph Smith, saying "If I had not actually been called by God to this work, I would back out. But I have been called, so I cannot back out." That statement is so inspirational and powerful to me. This work IS hard. Granted I won't endure anything close to the things Joseph Smith did, but it is hard. But it is great. I have such a strong testimony in Christ and in this gospel, and I can think of no better way to spend these 18 months than to share that wonderful message with the people in Brazil.
I have 15 minutes left on the computer sooo I'll make this quick..
But we have get to go to the Temple on P-Days here (today) and we get to walk around the temple grounds on Sunday evenings, and it is SO wonderful. I love being in or near the temple so much.
So there's a lot of pictures to explain.. pretty sure they're all on Facebook, idk. But there was a picture of Elder Badger with his "campaign sign" on the chalk board.. None of the Elders in our district want to be district leader haha, it's a LOT of work so it's understandable. But they're so funny about it. Elder Badger is the only one who doesn't outwardly express that he wouldn't do it (they would all do it if they were called.. they're just being lame) so they're "campaigning" for Elder Badger to be district leader and it's hilarious. They made us all campaign badges out of mini post its, and we walked into class d y i n g because they just passed them out to us and made Irma Wells wear it through the entire class. Ummmm we've taken a lot of pictures but that's all I can think of really at the moment. I'm sorry for our crazy faces with Sister Shaw and McElderry. Sister Shaw's photos are so much funnier/more embarrassing  though, so maybe her mom will put those up and you can see what I mean. Or not. Idk. I'm rambling now but there's so much to sayyyyy. But I'm out of time. Peaceeeeeee errbody
Sister Morrill

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