Friday, June 28, 2013


Okay, so I just got my reassignment like an hour ago. I'm still taking it in and I don't really know how to control myself right now... So bear with me. Our district and Sister McElderry's district are still waiting on our visas, and most of McElderry's district is staying at the MTC for another week. But Sister McElderry, SISTER SHAW, Thomas, and Sirmans are all going to the Mississippi Jackson mission.
I. Am. For. Real.
My sweet sweet vaca (COW) companheirazinha is leaving me. I am seriously upset about this hahaha. I'm excited. It's good that we're going. I just love Sister Shaw a whole stinking lot. We'll definitely continue to talk/email but i'll miss my compy comp.
Elders Vaterlaus, Ellis, and Badger (the elders going to my mission) are all assigned to the Nashville Tennessee mission. OTIMOOOOO. I'm super psyched for them. But I'm going to their mission aaaand I'm assigned to another mission all by my lonesome..
and that mission is....
are you ready?
okay okay...
I'm excited. I think. I'm still taking it in. I don't really know. God definitely has a sense of humor. I've been bashing on Californians hardcore (all in good fun of course), and naturally I'm called to California until my visa comes. I am actually SUPER excited. My comps and roommates all leave Monday morning, so I think I'll be flying solo for a day because I leave Tuesday morning. WEIRD. Sister Sirmans is FROM that mission, her ward shares the building with the mission office and she's been telling me all about it... I could totally meet her mom. I think she's more excited about my call than I am to be honest haha. But it will be so great! I can't wait.
Onto the next subject..
Tuesday Night.
We have devotionals every Tuesday and Sunday night. And who was the devotional by, you ask? Just JANICE KAPP PERRY. Basically the Garth Brooks of the Mormon world.... okay too far, too far. Nobody touches Garth. But you get it. She is a boss. A 74 year old boss.
She kind of started with the story of how she met her husband.. They were taking a bunch of music classes together at BYU, but didn't really talk.. Then one day she was getting ready to pracitice something on the clarinet, and his first words to her were "I think those lips were made for something better than playing the clarinet." ... The whole MTC broke into laughter, BUT IT GOT BETTER. Her husband, brother Perry, walks up from the stand as she's telling us this story, strolls over to the microphone, grabs her face and kisses her. Like KISSES HER, kisses her. They're 74 and 78. It was grand. The whole MTC kind of lost it. It was the funniest thing. He then walked back towards his chair, fist held high in the air with a big grin, and all the missionaries go wiiiiild. Obviously us missionaries don't see much affection up in here. But seriously it was the best. But THEN, he turns around, kisses her AGAIN, and walked back to his seat with a satisfied look on his face. Totally just went in for it in the middle of her talk. We were all in tears laughing.
Sister Perry regained her composure and quietly said "Perhaps I won't tell that story in public anymore........................................... or maybe I will" Instant laughter all over again. I adore her.
She wrote a song about her family, and her kids and in-laws sang in it as well.. She showed us the recording of it, and Brother Perry came up to the mic once again and started singing the end of the song. He is a gem.
Afterwards she just said "I know that man like a book, but today I don't know what page he's on!" It was theeeeee cutest thing ever. I wish everyone could have been at that devotional. It was wonderful.
She wrote the EFY medley of As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman that we all sing, but she has a "fireside version" that is really essentially a "missionary version"  that is The Sisters of Zion and a slightly modified version of Army of Helaman. She had us sing it at the end of the devotional and it was GOLDEN.  Part of the lyrics say "We are NOW the Lord's missionaries" and it goes on and it's SO powerful.
I'm so excited to be here. I'm excited to go to Cali and Brazil, and for all the people I'll meet and teach. Sister Sirmans said that a lot of the Sacramento mission is super ghetto and I am SO PUMPED. Its going to be so hard to leave my district and my companions, but I know that we all have wonderful things ahead. I know I'll see some of the Elders in Floripa when we get our visas, and Sister Shaw and I are basically going to be friends for the rest of our lives after (and during) the mish, so nbd. I love love love the people I've met here. I have 2 more days with my companions, and 3 more days at the CTM. Then I'm out in the field, doing real life missionary work, with real people, in California... I cant wrap my mind around it. I feel like I've been in the CTM since the beginning of time. I've learned so much. The spirit is so strong here. I've had the BEST experience here. I know that this gospel is true. I know that the gospel has been restored, and I know that God loves us all SO much and he has a plan for us. I know that the Book of Mormon is word of God along with the Bible, and I know that it is true. I am so excited to meet the people in California and I can't wait to get to Brazil, either! I know there are wonderful things ahead. I love you alllllll, I'll get my Cali address to you ASAP but It will probably be Wednesday, orrrr the Monday after. I dunno yet. Love you all!
-Sister Morrill

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