Monday, July 15, 2013

dois mezes!

Ola errrrbody!

How's life? Mission life is going pretty good over here! I've been out for 2 months and in the field for 2 weeks... WEIRD. So my comp is awesome. Pretty sure I told you about her last week? But she's great and we're having a lot of fun! We have a baptism tonight! Sandy is getting DUNKED. She's so excited and I can't waitttt. Yesterday I had to give a talk in our sacrament meeting.. I guess I did alright, I could only remember one scripture in portugues and I had to look it up in english.. Kinda looked like a fool but it got a good laugh. Larry (one of our AWESOME investigators) came up to me after I spoke and says "Ya know, you gotta lot of soul..... You a souuuuul sister." He was totally serious about it but the way he said it was so funny. He liked whatever it was that I said haha, so that's good. The members here are so great, I love them. There are a couple families that we're already super tight with, it's great. We have dinner appointments everyyy night except for P-days, it's so nice haha. I'm livin on verrrrrry little right now, so dinners are seriously the greatest. 
My zone is pretty awesome, we have sports every p-day, I looove it. We played soccer world cup style last week followed with a game of scatterball, and not to brag or anything but I kind of dominated scatterball. Today we're headed to the park for some Ultimate Frisbee! I'm pumped. Our zone is fun fun fun. 
We met a few people last weekend that we're hoping to teach! They're super cool buuuut we'll see how that goes. We're hopin they'll let us teach them :) 
Bah, I feel like there was so much more to talk about in the MTC, this is lame. There's actually a lot going on here haha. We're still riding bikes and so far no one's crashed or gotten hit (there's been some close calls though) We just moved from our apartment into a member's home, so we live IN our area and biking is so much easier! The family we live with is super nice.  Welllll I'm running out of time and what not, gotta goooo. Ate logo!

Loooove Sister Morrill

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