Monday, July 22, 2013

SAC life!

Whaddup! This week has been straight up cray. Straight up. We're talking like hicks/gangsters all the time for fun, and I can't stop anymore so I'm sorry if my thug side shows through the email.. Whatever though. 

Sandy was batizado on Monday! She was sooooo so happy all night long, it was great. Her smile was still just as big yesterday when she was confirmed. AWESOME. I love being a missionary. Larry came to the baptism too, we've been teaching him foreverrrr, like way before I got here. he knows it all, but he won't accept a date and get dunked already. But that's okay haha, we love him. We're going on exchanges tonight! I'm heading up to East Sac with Hale's old trainer and we'll be up there all day tomorrow. I'm psyched but it'll be weeeeird being without my trainer!

So it sounds like if our visa comes, we still won't leave until the end of the transfer.. So if I don't get have it by the end of the transfer I'm here for another 6 weeks!... and if I don't have it then, then I'm here for ANOTHER 6 weeks! I'm totally fine with it, too. Haha I want my visa but I am loving it here! Whenever I need to be in Brazil, I'll get there. I'm not sweatin' it. 

We've got some storiesssss this week- get ready. It's been fun.

First- on Friday morning we were listening to music while we were studying, and I had just finished an hour of language study.. Sis Hale put this CD in and one of the songs came on and it was in a different language.. and it was a tune I knew but I had NO IDEA what it said.. and automatically I was listening and realized that it wasn't portuguese.. but I couldn't figure it out what it was, and I had myself completely convinced that it was english, and I just had NO idea what they were saying. I freeeeeaked out a little bit, I just had  this deer in the headlights look and I looked at Sister Hale, and she's just like "'s another language". I thought I had just lost all of my english randomly and it was terrifying hahaha. I dunno man, ya had to be there.

2- We went to find some people that old missionaries had dropped, and we knocked on a door.. this tatted up guy with a crazy beard answered and we introduced ourselves, Sis Hale asked him how he was, and he's like "I'm tired, I'm hot, and I'm gonna shut the door" and he slammed the door on us right there. Best first door slam EVER. Rude but hilarious. I don't even care.Then right after that some inactive member started yelling at us for trying to visit her.. Awesome.

3- I saved a bird! He fell into the Larsen's pool and I took him out, he just chilled on my arm for a while, I let him go, he came back to me.... Just call me Snow White.

4- We did our stereotypical missionary duties and helped a family move out of their house on Saturday. So much fun with the Elders that were helping, but sooo hot, and sooo sooooo exhausting. 

FOUR- So we're getting crazy dreams on the mish. Every. Single. Night. Last night my dream was REALLY crazy. I had a dream that I was trying to break out of the mission field, I had a plastic toy bow and arrow and some other weapons for protection, all the YSA's from PC ward were texting me and we planned to meet somewhere for chocolate chip pancakes to watch a fight or something, I was going Katniss Everdeen on anyone that got in my way... with my fake bow. It was hard core. Then a Lambo popped out of no where and I was speeding down this road, people were chasing me and I was racing people home... total Fast & Furious moment... I can't even explain it all, it was just crazy. My zone was trying to stop me and Abby and Russ were popping out randomly and taking people DOWN so I could escape... Crazy crazy crazy..
I'll have you know that I am completely happy serving a mission right now and I have no intention of breakin' free, but that dream was sweet. 

I wish I could keep writing buuuut I'm totally out of time. Amo voces! :)
Sister Morrill

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