Monday, August 19, 2013

Black tag on my chest, like a bulletproof vestttt


We're one week into transfer numba TWO! Whaaaat? We have had an AWESOME week. Nothing crazy has happened, but we have been working HARD and stayin' busy. We're having fun, I love my comp! We had to say goodbye to the Zone Leaders and Elder Judd last Tuesday, it was suuuper hard. Our zone isn't the same with out them, we just aren't so close with these new people as we were with the ones who left. It's great though, we're getting to know each other and hopefully we'll be close as a zone again!

We picked up our car on Wednesday and it has been glooooorious. We're still half bike, buuuut biking is a lot less appealing after having a lil time with a car haha.... It's nice. '

We did service at Larry's and we chopped wood.. Well Sister Hale and I watched while Elder Koerper, Wong and Morley chopped wood... ha. Good times. We're trying to figure out how else we can help Larry, but i dunno man. Some people are thinking we should drop him.. We've taught him everything, he's progressing and learning more on his own and he goes to church every sunday.. But he won't commit to a baptismal date. I DON'T WANNA DROP LARRY. We need a miracle, that'd be nice. Yup. I love that guy! 

I ate anchovies and quail eggs on Saturday.. the quail eggs weren't bad, but anchovies are actually AWFUL. I don't recommend them at allllll. 

I really don't have much else to say this week, lame. I'd looove to hear from yall.. I miss everybody haha. I'm loving it here, absolutely. Buuut I'd love to hear from yall, and family.. Like Chace (my cousin) said, I might actually love and miss my family... All you Utahn aunts and uncles out there, you should write me. Amo voces, tchau tchau!

Com saudades,
Sister Morrill :)

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