Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm diddly-wack cuz I'm spirituallll

Hey yallllll!

I've been out of the MTC longer than I've been in it.. weeeeeeird man. I can't lie, I miss it haha.. but I'm lovin' it here in the CALI SAC MISSIOOOOOOOON. One day I'll actually get to Brazil buuuut I'm not worried about it. I'll get there when I need to be there. I feel like my letters have been really lame lately, sorry if I'm boring everyone haha.. No crazy stories... or nothing that I'll admit to while I'm in the field :P Juuuuust kidding. We don't get TOO crazy. 

I've hated peanut butter foreverrrr, but since I've been on the mish I seriously have an unhealthy addiction. I can eat it on anything. One of our members introduced me to peanut butter on waffles, and it's fabulous... They don't have peanut butter in Brazil. Of course.

Our ward had a pool party on Tuesday! Obviously we couldn't swim, but we went for food and everything.. classic. Sister McConnell kept trying to throw Sis Hale and I in, buuut we won that battle.. She couldn't get us in, so she took someone's baby out of the pool over and over and just sat her on us or let her drip all over until we were basically SOAKED. Sooo funny, but we were so, sooo wet. 

We had exchanges on Wednesday! I was leading the area with Sis Acker and Sis Hale went to East Sac with Sister Loli... I was SO nervous because Hale always leads and knows everyone and talks alllllllll the time, so I felt like it was just being thrown at me.. I thought I was going to bomb it. But we planned our day out the night before and it all turned out SO GOOD. We got to see a bunch of people and added an investigator. It was seriously one of the best days we've had since being in the area. It felt greatttt haha. 

We went to this families house... won't freak ya out toooooo bad, but basically a guy was killed in this house and we visited the family that saw it happen, and basically we were freakin out the whole time and we're pretty sure we saw old bloodstains on the wood floor. Creepy creepy creepy. Missionary life. I don't recommend it.... That's a lie.. Missions are the best. DO IT. Builds character.

Our zone isn't fun anymore :( I miss everyone from last transfer!

I don't have time to write everything else ughhhh, but basically I was thinking of before I left and I had posted something about how I was "putting my life on hold" and serving a mission and blah blah blahhh, and I remember one of my awesome leaders trying to make me realize that that definitely WASN'T what was going down. But on the mission I've realized that I've left a lot of things behind and I'm not doing all I did before, but I definitely have NOT put my life on hold. Time is flying faster than ever! I'm so glad to be here and it's soooo good. I know I'm here for a reason. Love love love my mission. 

Okay Sis Hale is walking out on me.. GOTTA GO LOVE YOU ALL

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