Monday, October 28, 2013


Okay before I continue, I realize that I forgot Zenger's QOTW last week, so here it is.

"I hate brushing my teeth... and washing my face... but I have to or I'll get acne.. and cavities... and ovarian cancer."

I love her.

Transfers are NEXT WEEK and I think I'm leaving the area because I've been here forever and I still don't have a visa and I LOVE THIS AREA I DONT WANNA LEAVE EVERYONE. 

but I'll go where ever the heck the Lord wants me to go, so I guess it doesn't matter what I want. 

So this week was actually pretty uneventful until Friday....Friday was fun. Let me tell you about Friday. Normally I hate Fridays because we do Weekly Planning on Fridays. I hate weekly planning. BUT after weekly planning, we had a lesson with our newer investigator, Lorraine and we taught her part of the plan of salvation! Basically talking about where we were before earth and what our purpose is while we're here. It was a goooooood lesson. Sister Barker got to come along and I adore her, and she is so wonderful with Lorraine. Lorraine is probably in her 70's, she doesn't say a lot so we're never sure if she understands everything haha, but she says she's piecing it together soooo we'll see. She's hard to read. She loves what we've been teaching her and it makes sense to her, so that's nice! 

Okay so after the lesson Friday got fun.

We met with a crazy black lady named Marsha.

We met her LAST Friday, and she told us to come back same time the next week, so we did... 


She is crazy, don't get me wrong. And this week we discovered she is even crazier. But she loves God and has a great relationship and faith in Jesus Christ. It's great. We were talking and she started talking about mates and she asked if people chose our spouses... and we were like uhhh no no no. But she looks at Sister Zenger and she's like "Do you know somebody loves you?" and went in talking about someone back from Zenger's home loves her and Sister Zenger is just like YEAH, OKAY. But she looks at Sister Zenger and she's just like "YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT??" and Sister Zenger is just standing there speechless. She was talking about how he wanted to tell her but didn't because he was being obedient or something.. And she keeps going and Marsha looks at Sister Zenger and says "I can see your childrennnn" and starts talking about how she's predicted like 400 babies being born, and how God isolated her in Sacramento because she was praying over over too many people where she was before. She is nuts but so fun and I kind of love her. We're going to see her again next Friday. I'm pumped. 

Saturday we got to do SERVICEEEEEE. We got to work around a member's house and it was so hard and so, so fun. I love service. We got to paint outside and cut wood and do all kinds of fun stuff. 

And Saturday night was the wards halloween party and I went as Sister Zenger, and Sister Zenger went as me... Really we just switched name tags... LIVIN ON THE EDGE, YALL. 

Okay, wow, so after that wonderful weekend, Sunday happened. Sunday was insane. 
We had a meeting with the ward missionaries and our mission leader that morning, and there was a bunch of drama and this lady just told us off for everything she didn't like about one of the classes at church. I wanted to yell back but I am a missionary and I'm supposed to love everyone so I stayed quiet. It was ridiculous. 
Then we had ANOTHER meeting with other people in the ward, and everyone vented their frustrations about everything there too. Time to goooooo I was so over it before it even started. All I can say is I'm so thankful for Brother Barker and some of the other members who back us up and TELL PEOPLE TO RELAX. That's about all I've got for the week wowwww. 

But next week is transfers so I'll be emailing on Tuesday instead, and yall will get info on if/where I get transferred! Bummed to leave but glad to work in a different area haha, it's needed. We'll see. Love you allllllllllll, miss you. Fique suave.

Ate mais,
Irma Morrill

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