Monday, December 2, 2013

Bass. Lake's. Back. ALRIGHT.

Please sing the title of this email to the tune of Backstreet's Back okay? 
Thanks. Kudos to you if you caught that before reading this. 

Okay sorry, starting this out a little ridiculously. 

Carrying on.

It's only been like 4 days since last P-day... Probably not too much to talk about.


Okay, really now. 

So maybe yall forgot, but I'm in a trio. Trios are a pain and I don't recommend them, but at the same time the companions I'm closest with always come out of those trios, so I guess it all works out. Anyways we're making breakthroughs in our companionship, so that's nice. It's definitely a process and we'll be working on it for the rest of the transfer, but we're making a lot of progress.


We had a roughhh day on Saturday. We were absolutely seeing miracles in the morning, finding people to teach and being missionaries and what not, but then later in the day no oneeee was answering, we had a Temple Tour set up at the Sacramento Temple with an investigator and we were SO EXCITED.. We got to the temple, waited for our investigator... and waited, and waited... and waited.. And she never showed up. We were bummed because we were pumped for her to see the temple, aaand we had some Elders come to meet her, and we just used a ton of our miles to get us all there, and we waited forever and couldn't get ahold of her. We were all pretty discouraged as we drove back to our area and tried to decide what to do. We made a few visits. 2 of them told us they weren't interested at all and shut the door in our face, and 2 more didn't answer.. Sooo we got in the car about ready to call it a night. At the temple tour Sister McLelland saw one of her investigators & old comps from her last area and I saw a bunch of the missionaries from my last area and we were in a bad mood and we missed our past areas and we were DONE. But we decided to say a prayer and ask for some direction before we headed home. We sat and thought and flipped through our planners and area books, and I thought about visiting our investigator, Cathlina. We were all a little nervous because our last lesson kinda sounded like the end. After LOTS of debate, we decided to go and see if she was home... and then we had a MIIIIRRAAACLE. Cathlina was there. Her husband answered the door. We finally met him, he let us in and we all got to sit down and talk to them as a family, it was so neat. He told us about his experience with the church and their faith and we got to really understand where they were coming from.  He is actually a member of the church but hasn't gone since he was 18. They're suuuper cute together and I am so pumped. They're all up for us coming by and they want to have us over for dinner. They have so much potential and I know we're going to see miracles in that family. I love em both a stinkin' ton. 

Welllllllll that's the news so far. Next week I'll have a full week to write about, so buckle up. We're going to see miracles this week :) 

PS Sister McLelland watched Miranda Sings pre-mish too and she has the perrrrfect Miranda imitation.. In case you all wanted to know that useless information. If we weren't besties already we sure as heck are now! t i g h t. 

Okay really now, see ya, wouldn't wanna be yaaaa.

Um abraco, 
Sister Morrill

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