Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello, I am an awkward missionary and I have a problem.

This week has been INSANE. In a mostly good way. I've made a fool out of myself multiple times, the members think it's hilarious but I have lost every particle of pride that I may have had. We have seen MIRACLES this week, yesterday especially. Oh, and we had an emergency transfer.. on the OTHER missionaries end FYI. haha since we're in a trio they tend to pull us out for ET's.. So Sister Twitchell was transferred to Carmichael and Sister McLelland and I are basically shotgunning the area now and trying to get to know everyone and everything on our own. We miss her but we're pumped for her at the same time, this is her first transfer out of this area and we are having a blast here!

Okay so awk story of the century..
So we have 2 investigators, Jack (kid) and Chris (kid's mom's boyfriend) We had a lesson with said family. It was a great lesson. After the lesson we were saying goodbyes, and I hugged Chris' girlfriend (member of the church). Then Chris came up (not having a clue about mission rules and the no hugging the opposite sex thing) and tried to give me a hug. I could have stayed calm and been a normal person, but instead.... word vomit. He goes in for the hug, and I just flail my arms around, yelling "UHH I DON'T DO HUGS"... Pretty sure I scared Chris. A lot. Jack's mom tried to explain to him (after tears of laughter on everyone's part but mine) the whole shebang... Still awkward but still funny (to everyone else..)... there's more to the story too but I'm out of time.

We went to visit an inactive lady and her husband. Had a rockin awesome conversation with them, and on the way out they asked us if we knew anyone who could use a Christmas Jar, they've made it a tradition to save up their change all year long and give it to someone in need, and they didn't know who to give it to this year. We were able to tell them about Kelly and how he REALLY could use it. Instant answer to our prayers. We've been praying for help for him to pick him back up. He's had SUCH a hard time the past 4 months. He came to church on Sunday, and EVERYTHING, talks, lessons.. all of it was exactly what he needed to hear. And he was given a priesthood blessing afterwards and the spirit was so powerful and we were all in tears. We're working with him and we feel like he's going to be our white Christmas baptism :) I really am super excited and feeling SO blessed to be a part of all of it, I'm just out of time to email and I gots tuh GO.

PS Sister Lewis asked me to be an angel for the Nativity we're doing during our Christmas devotional. Like I said, I have no pride left. I have to wear a costume and get in a picture with all the other missionaries who probably get to be normal. WHATEVER I'M OVER IT. 


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