Tuesday, December 17, 2013



First of all TRAAAANSFERS!!

We got transfer calls last night....



This week has been fabulous. It's actually been harrrrd trying to meet with people and it's been slow, but we're working our tails off! It's been rough, but the weeks that are hard like this always end filled with miracles LIKE THESE....

Jack is getting baptized on SATURDAY. It's gonna be a white Christmas in Bass Lake!

So excited for him. He's 13, his mom is basically my favorite person in El Dorado. Sister McLelland and I have gotten TIGHT with their family and I'm so excited for the doors this will open for them. 

Alsoooo, we had a POWERHOUSE lesson with Kelly yesterday... He went to church with us again on Sunday and BUSTED out after Sacrament meeting, we were worried that something happened and he was done with the church thing and didn't want a part of it and we just came to allllll these conclusions, but we talked to him yesterday and found out that he just didn't realize that the Sunday school classes were every single week.. SAFE. On top of that, it turns out he thought that the priesthood blessing he got  the week before was supposed to be his baptism.. Soo we made to talk that out and now he wants to be baptized on January 4th. SUCH a miracle. He's hurting hardcore with everything going on around him, looking for a job, trying to pay rent, keepin a roof over his head... He's struggling but he's recognized the importance of the gospel in his life and he is SO humble and prepared for this. He needs it and he knows it's going to change his life. Our lesson was incredible, we just listened and addressed his concerns and somehow we got a baptismal date.

After struggling hardcore for 6-7 months to find and teach people we are seeing SO many blessings. There are so many prepared people and I'm so blessed to be here. Especially with Sister McLelland. We're besties. So glad we're serving together for 6 more weeks. 

Like I said, this week has been slow.. so I don't really have anything else to tell ya but we are LOVING it here in Bass Lake, havin' fun and workin' hard ;)



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