Wednesday, December 25, 2013



Where do I begin?

This week has been phenomenal. And hard. But whatever. What's new? Jack was BAPTIZED on Saturday. It was wonderful. We've seen so many miracles in their family and it's been bringing their family closer together as well, SO happy for them all.

We spent a TON of time with Jack and his family this past week.. We still had a bit to teach him and Chris made us Cap'n Crunch french toast (Best. EVER.) before the baptism.. and oh, we had to teach 13 year old Jack about the Law of Chastity. MISSIONARY LIFE DOES NOT GET MUCH MORE AWKWARD GUYS. It's whatever though, I've made the family feel awkward often enough that it's just funny now so it's cool. Hakuna matata. 

Did I tell you Kelly is getting baptized on January 4th? that was the original date we set, then we jumped to Dec 28th, then we bumped it back to the 4th. So i dunno where we were at last week when I emailed yall.. but there ya go. So Kelly is like 52 and he is just soaking everything in, he's awesome. We had a lesson with him yesterday, f a n t a s t i c. He's so ready to make changes in his life, and he KNOWS that the gospel of Jesus Christ is exactly what can help him do that. He knows what baptism means and how special this time in his life is. He still feels like he's stuck and he's not in a great place in life right now, but he's completely allowing the Savior to take over and guide him. It's been so amazing to see it affect his life. 

We had to go caroling with the ward missionaries and it was probably the best worst experience of my life. We went with the other real missionaries a week ago and had a blast.. But this time everyone else (heck, I probably was too) was out of tune AND they had 2 people playing french horns in the back. KILLER, MAN... But amusing at the same time. 

I don't know what else to say right now BUT I'M SKYPING WITH MY FAMILY IN LIKE AN HOUR AND A HALF AND I'M PUMPED. 


[sorry I've been stingy with these lately... Apparently they're a hit. I'll keep em coming.]

"Ugh I have a pit in my stomach.." 
      -10 minutes later-
-Sister McLelland

Oh, and here's a golden quote from our Plan of Salvation lesson with Jack's family..

"Do you get to choose what your body looks like after the Resurrection?" 
"..........He wants to be black." -Kelle (his mom/my favorite person here)

yep. Jack loves basketball and in another life he would be a tall lurpy black man. #livingthedream

Okay well we're off to a fabulous Christmas brunch with a rockin' awesome family, buuut Feliz Navidad, prospero ano y felicidade.. I WANNA WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS, WITH LOTS OF PRESENTS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. I WANNA WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEEEAAAAARRRTT. Sorry I just stinkin' love that song. 

PS thanks for all the Christmas cards and packages and letters yall are sending, I've been loving it! 

Amo voces, Feliz Natal!

Sister Morrill

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