Monday, January 13, 2014

HAY errbody.

Speaking of HAY, we went on two HAY rides this week. And we planted 500 Christmas trees. And we cleaned up a butt load (ha ha) of toilet paper of some poor soul's lawn a few days ago.. Someone in the neighborhood got TP'd and we (by we I mean Sister McLelland.. I mostly just like being the TP-er, not the TP-ed/cleaner... Not on the mish of course. I've repented of my past transgressions, don't worry. It's whatever..ANYWAYS.) We decided to start picking up all this TP, and the neighbors gave us this rake-like thing to help pull it out of the trees, and after they finished their own yard work THEY decided to come over and help us. We started talking about God's hand in our lives and their faith, and got a really great gospel conversation rolling. Then the homeowner's daughter came home and joined in. Then the neighborhood pool guy drove around a few times looking at us, and decided to pull over and yelled "Hey, I've got a little time!", so he joined in as well.. It was SO COOL. The old neighboring couple was so great, they have their own church right now, but they appreciated our help and invited us to stop by and talk to them any time. SCORE. It was wonderful. Sister McLelland teared up a bit.. There are 4 things that really make her cry. 
1-Unity. People join together in one cause and she loses it.
2- The handicapped. 
3- Other people crying. Doesn't matter why. If they cry she'll cry.
4- Old people. She loves em. She can't help herself. 
It's SO fun. She's not a really emotional person but those tear ducts just GO.

We had a lesson with Jack! Always a blast.

Kelly's fallen off the radar this week :/ he needs some prayers! He's gotta remember what he's felt and what he knows to be true, it's been a hard few weeks for him! The adversary's working hard, and Kelly knows that. He's SO prepared for baptism. He just needs to realize that.

We've been able to add some ROCKIN new investigators this week, we're excited! They genuinely want to learn more and they're loving what they've heard. So solid. We got to see Cathlina and Rory yesterday too :') It's been a while haha, it was great!

___________interrupting myself, sorry_________
I'm sorry Miss Jackson, I am for reallllllll........ popped in my head this week. Thought of you. You're the best. Shoot me an email or letter or something. Miss you boo!
moving on. Uh, psych. I don't know what else to tell you about this week. It's been great. Things are picking back up after the holidays. We're working our tails off. If anyone knows anyone in the Sacramento area (or anywhere I guess) who needs Jesus just send us a referral on okay? That'd be cool. We want to teach people, and referrals are the greatest thing on the planet. 

That's all. I've got nothin.
Also some of yall should email me, I've got a whole hour to do it and all I do is write these lame emails! OKAY I'M REALLY DONE NOW. Bah.

See ya lataaaaa.

Love, Sister Morrill


".....What? I had to make sure I got the pea off my pillow."
-S McLelland.  She was legitimately talking about peas, not pee... but still. HA.

"I'VE GOT A SIDE BURN.............Ache. I've got a side ache. Not like Brother Johnson's."
-S McLelland

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