Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So it's 2014 and I got my mission call a year ago and time is suddenly f l y i n  g faster than ever before and I don't know how to slow it down. 

I don't even know what to talk about right now, our P-days have been messed up for weeks now because of the holidays sooo I don't even remember what i wrote about last. We had exchanges last week, it was a BASK. I went to East Sac with Sister Dees.. East Sac is ghetto, I LOVE IT. Oh, we decided to eat at Subway for lunch, and when we walked out someone parked THEIR silver car right next to ours,and we didn't realize it wasn't ours and we threw our stuff in and were suuuuper confused about why all this junk was in our car and why our stuff was gone, so I shut the door... then I look up and see our car right next to us.. Awkward moment when missionaries just break into a car and go through all their stuff. We shuffled on over to our car, and turned around to see this old man laughing at us from across the parking lot. Missionary probz. Over it. 

Last night we had a zone activity for new years eve... til 9 PM. We party hard. We had a campfire going, played soccer, ate lots of food, played some ukulele... It was great. Then we came home and passed outttt.

It's been so hard to see people the past few weeks! EVERYONE is gone for the holidays and we've been struggling haha, but we've got lots of work coming up, we're excited!

I'm just telling you this useless information because I'm running out of things to say. We've had to get creative with things to do because literally no one is home or they have family over and don't want to talk to us while others are there... super lame. OH WELL.

Okay I'm gonna go now, sorry this letter kinda sucks.... er, stinks. Slayin' the slang. Missionary problems... KILLING ME. 

Talk to ya MONDAY, finally.

Um abraco,
Sister Morrill

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