Monday, January 6, 2014



Holidays are finally over and we're back to good ole Monday P-days :') It's about dang time. Our zone (about 20 missionaries) got to go on a hay ride this morning, it was a BLAST. They had a border collie and 2 golden retrievers that came along and Sister McLelland and I were dying the whole time. We love dogs a little too much. SPEAKING OF WHICH- we got to visit some members who had 3 GREAT DANES on Saturday. THREE. They were m a s s i v e. and beautiful. and huge. 

Sorry, moving on. 

Uh did I tell you about new year's eve? Wait yes I did because we had P-day on new years day. Wellll. We have this lady who is legitimately a little obsessed with the missionaries, and she's moving out of the ward and she had us visit one more time before she left and she was wearing a Tiger robe and Sister McLelland was basking so hard. She wanted it. We got matching tiger T-shirts last week BTdubbs.. I  know I'll get judged hardcore for this, and I probably deserve it, but the shirts were TOO GOOD TO PASS UP. I don't know why I just told you all of this, but there you go. Now I'll tell you about some of the missionary work I guess, ya know, the entire reason I'm out here. SORRY THIS LETTER IS SO WEIRD IT'S BEEN A WEIRD WEEK OKAY?

We've gotten like 2 new investigators! Suddenly we're getting referrals, and when we contact them they actually want to hear what we have to say. It's a new experience, kinda catches me off guard. "Hi we're the missionaries, can we share a message about Jesus Christ?....Oh, we can? Uh okay. Would you like to learn more about our church? Oh, you would? Uhhh. umm... Okay. Great. Wait, you went to our church last Sunday? What?" That's about how we feel every time that happens. It's fantastic. SO GREAT. There are so many prepared people here, it's been incredible to serve them. Also El Dorado is BEAUTIFUL. Our area is the perfect normal (mostly) people suburb-ish place, then in the area surrounding us there's rich people to the left and lots of land and farms and hicks to the right. It's the best.

We had interviews with President on Friday.. He's quiet and dignified and I'm loud and I try to be dignified but I'm loud so it kinda doesn't work like it should, but it's okay because I GOT PRESIDENT TO LAUGH. TWICE. SCORE. It was cool though, he had us read a scripture in the Book of Mormon about "laying down your weapons of rebellion", and it was an AWESOME way too go about our new year and recognize what could be holding us back from being the best missionaries we can be, and letting it go so we can grow and better help those around us.

PS we got to go on a temple tour of the Sacramento temple with Jack's family! We haven't seen them for like two weeks, major withdrawals. WE LOVE THEM. We texted them about going that morning, and we didn't hear from them all day, then suddenly as we were going to dinner we get a text saying they were on their way... so we dropped the food and headed off to the temple, so funny. Kelle is a champ at doing things last minute haha, LOVE HER. 

Okay I'm running out of things to say but I hope yall have a b-e-a-uuutiful week.

Tchau tchau- 
Sister Morrill

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