Tuesday, January 28, 2014

After the trial of your faith...

Um I left my planner at home, so basically I have no idea what happened this week or what to do with my life, so sorry if this letter's rough. I don't know how I survived pre-mish without my planner. I'm such a missionary it's disgusting.

WELL. We have seen m i r a c l e s this week. It's transfer week. Normally transfer weeks are awful.... but luckily (or unluckily....trying to be positive here) we basically had our transfer a week early. We got calls last night and found that FOR SURE I will be staying with Sister Johnson for another 6 weeks. It's gonna be good, but a long transfer none the less. I've had an unbroken pattern with my companions since the MTC haha, Trio, best friend companion, rough but hard working comp, trio, best friend comp,......rough....working hard... loving her.. but rough. Sister Johnson just finished her training, she is SUCH a solid missionary. Her and Sister Zenger are the most obedient, letter of the law, to the T missionaries I've ever met. Sometimes it kills me but I'm learning a lot haha :) when I got to the area I had a little bit of a pride problem and thought I was going to help Sister Johnson SO MUCH being her follow up trainer, but instead I got a spiritual punch in the face and remembered that I am an idiot and she is a rock star. If anything, this girl is training me. 

This area is SO different than either of my past areas. There's not many investigators, but there's a lot of potential. Lots of people to talk to. Our area covers a good portion (if not all, i dunno) of Manteca and a bit of the south end of Stockton (YEAH BOY.) and we're full time bike... ha ha. The land is super flat so it's not bad at all, and the weather has been phenomenal.... It's supposed to rain this weekend, which is a bummer for us on bike, but great for California.. the whole drought thing, ya know. Water would be nice i guess. 

We've added 5 investigators since last Monday, had a few MIRACLE days (one of which was yesterday) where we found most of said investigators. It's been a blast... An exhausting, frustrating, rewarding blast. I've never been so tired in my life. It gets worse the longer you're out. Any soon-to-be missionaries, beware. Embrace it. Love it. It's the best time of your life. BACK ON TRACK SORRY. So yesterday. Miracle day. Transfer calls. Sick. Best. Worst. Tired. Excited. Hungry. We got crab for dinner. The area book smells like Elders. 2 new investigators. Yesterday was crazy. I felt like we were getting nothing accompished for the LONGEST time yesterday, but we started talking to people, SPED through all of our plans for the day, and had no idea what to do or where to go. So we found ourselves near the central part of our area... I still have no idea where anything is or who or why or how or ANYTHING. I bike and I testify and I love the people and I depend on God to help me do the rest. So I looked around and asked Sister Johnson if she knew the area pretty well, she said yes. I told her to follow me and we were going to find a miracle.... and a new investigator. I was 99% joking, but we didn't have any other plans, so what else do we do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... So I led and we started biking around, stopping and talking to people. After a few failed attempts we met a cute middle aged couple talking to their neighbors who had just had a baby.. thought that was going somewhere and they decided to head out before we could mention the church haha......Typical. It's whatever. I'm just concerned about their salvation and stuff. (Nacho, anybody?) 

So we keep biking, and we wind up in front of this lady's house, Sister Johnson has spent a lot of time with her in the past and wanted a picture for her last comp that I had to replace haha.. So we stop in front of the house, and the neighbor across the street is kinda watching and laughing at us, wondering what is going on. He said he's seen us around a bit in the area, Sister Johnson didn't miss a beat "Oh yeah? Do you ever wonder what we're doing here biking in a skirt, talking to everyone?" The neighbor replies, "uh, -chuckle- well yeah." AAAAANNNDD we're in. Missionary conversation SUCCESS. We told him about our purpose as missionaries, asked about his experiences and thoughts about God... He says he doesn't particularly believe he is or isn't there, he has no idea. He said he prayed about it and searched and studied different books and history and asked and has never received an answer. I shared with him a similar experience that was super personal and important to me, and Sister Johnson PROMISED him that if he read the whole Book of Mormon, cover to cover, that he WOULD receive his answer and that he would feel of God's love and awareness of him. That's a pretty bold thing to do. But it's true. We KNOW it will bless him. We know that it will help him draw closer to God than he's ever been. He's in his 50's now and has kind of given up on a belief, but you could see that he really did want it deep down. He said he would read and pray. We set up an appointment to follow up and talk more about the Book of Mormon and where it came from. He's SO GREAT. 

We've already seen this area pick up so much, there are so many prepared people. It's been SO neat to see them come out of the wood work as we try our best to talk to everyone around is. IT WORKS. 

It's time to gooooo, but keep in touch errbody. Love ya all. Talk to you next Monday :)

Love, Sister Morrill.

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