Monday, March 3, 2014

Exchanges and visas and transfers, OH MY.

Well, this week has been NUTS. 

First, Tuesday. Tuesday we had exchanges! Exchanges are my favorite. Really, Sister Maughan is my favorite. Sister Maughan is in Lodi. I got to go up to Lodi with her, and Sister Jolley (we served in El Dorado together) came down south to Manteca with Sister Johnson. We got to work in this lady's garden in the morning. It was a blast. Service is soooo nice. They made us homemade calzones. They were delicious. Not like this is important. But now ya know. MOVING ON.

So our mission has been challenged to contact 20 people every single day. Purely street contacting. Just talking to random people outside. I hate it. I've been fighting it from the beginning. BUT on exchanges we killed it! Half of them were purely spanish speaking or muslim, so that was rough. But hey, it builds character. I had to use my portuguese/spanish. It was rough. But they got some of it.  Sister Johnson and I killed it again the next day (all english, luckily). I've been converted. I love it. It's fun. It's a challenge. Like let's see who can give this guy a picture of Jesus Christ first. BAM. Beat ya. Nailed it. It's been so much fun. 

Sister Johnson had to get finger-printed for her visa app on Thursday. So she had to be alone in a room with a guy who had to hold her hand. WHOA THERE. Also one of our investigators went in for a smooch when we were on exchanges, ha ha ha. Sister Johnson's had a rough week. She's scarred but it was pretty amusing for meeee.


So... the past 2 transfers I've gotten a call on the Friday of the 5th week of the transfer, and in both of those calls it was for an emergency transfer. So all transfer long I've been dreading Friday of week 5. Bad things always come in 3's, right? Let's top #3 off with a transfer OUT OF THE COUNTRY, why don't we. I could feel it. Only to Sister Morrill. So Friday was weekly planning. We were in doin' work and makin' plans, and that afternoon one of the Assistants, Elder Morley, (the same one who's brought the bad news the last 2 transfers) gave us a call. He does the small talk thing again. I do the nervous talking to much thing again. He finally gets to it and ALL he had to say is that they got the phone info from last month and saw that there were a couple calls made after 10:30 pm before I was even in the area... That's all. Okay, Elder Morley. We'll make sure it doesn't happen. Yep. Thanks. We'll repent. BTDubbs, can you permanently reassign me to Sacramento already? No? Okay. Well see ya later. 


We go along with our day. 6 and 7 PM pass, so I'm convinced that I'm SAFE. Definitely, definitely staying in Sacramento for the next 9 months. Hakuna Matata. BUT WAIT. Suddenly the whistle of doom sounds. Do doo do do doo. do doo do do doo. do doo do do doo do doooooooooo. It's President Lewis. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is a joke. I'm not answering. No way. Sister Johnson picks up the phone. President does the small talk thing. Jokes about the weather. Haaa, yep. "We're biking in the rain President. Yep. We're enjoying it. You're right, California needs the rain. Oh, you want to talk to Sister Morrill?" NO. I love President, but I DO NOT love what I knew he was going to say. "Hello Sister Morrill.. -small talk small talk small talk-" "Hiiiii President." -small talk- "Sister Morrill, I have some good news and I have some bad news for you. The good news is you got your visa. The bad news is you're leaving us." "I THOUGHT YOU HAD GOOD NEWS, PRESIDENT?" President started talking about how he and Sister Lewis love me and how they love that I've spent this time with them in Sacramento and la la la and I cried like a little baby and he told me I was leaving on the 11th and I cried some more and I hung up and I was still crying and I hated that I'm leaving Sac and I hate that I was crying but it was happening anyways so it's whatever. I've never hated receiving a phone call so much. 

Soooo I'm going to Brazil on March 11th. Next Tuesday. I should be excited and maybe I'll get there and be excited. It's just going to be SO hard to leave Sac. I love it here. I love the people. I've never been so happy in my life. But I'm doing the same work and sharing the same gospel in Brazil, too. Different people and it's a little further away, but i know it's going to be fabulous. My portuguese is awful but I know it will get better in time. I'm excited to get to know the people and the culture. I just can't believe I'm actually going now. I'll get over it haha. It will be incredible. I get to spend half of my mission in another country, speaking another language, and I was blessed enough to spend the first half of it in the best mission EVER. I am a believing, bold, baptizing California Sacramento missionary through and through. I'm excited to see what happens in the upcoming week and maybe by then I'll be excited to see what happens after that :)

Gotta go, love you all and miss you!

Ate logo,

Sister Morrill
NEW ADDRESS: (As of March 11th) Sister Jordan Ashlee Morrill Brazil Florianopolis Mission R. Feliciano Nunes Pires, 42 Centro 88015-220 Florianopolis-SC BRAZIL

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