Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hey guys.
Still alive.
Still in another country.
Still in the CTM.
Have not left this building in 7 whole days. We eat here. We sleep here. We teach here. We learn portugues here. Pretty much the hardest thing ever. It's fine. Stir Crazy. I miss being out in the mission field. I miss California. But I am learning a lot more portuguese and I can actually converse for the most part. Definitely super blessed to be here. I'm just not so crazy about it. I hope that I come to love this place as much as I loved California. I know it's going to be incredible but it's so stinking harrrrrd. Our CTM district is phenomenal though! My companion is Sister Brewer. Our outro companheiras do quarto sao Sister Stevens and Sister West (adore them), a portuguesa Sister Moreira, and a brasileira, Sister Da Silva. She's hilarious. We have to speak portuguese. all the time. It was rough at the beginning but we have a blast with her. We're legitimately talking to people in brazil in portuguese and it's super weird and satisfying. Eu manjo dos paranaue. We're making PLENTY of mistakes, but they it's fine because the brasileiros just laugh at us and then we laugh at ourselves and it's all cool. Elder Barton, in our district, told the lunch lady in the cafeteria that "eu preciso pegar voce" (what he MEANT was "eu preciso pagar voce" meaning I should pay you for your service because I appreciate your help... what he SAID was essentially "girl I wanna get with you *smooch smooch*") Lost in translation. It's a bask. The brasilians are trying to get the Americans to say stupid things to the girls and the Americans are trying to teach the Brasilians funny english and it's a big mess and we are laughing all the time. Beleza.
We went to the Campinas temple today. It was cool.
Ummmmmmm we've just had intense language training and we have literally spent all week in this 6ish story building and I don't know what all to tell you all. Life is good. We're good. It's hard here. I want to get out. I want to know what everyone is saying. I want to be able to say what I'm thinking. But we're all making a ton of progress so it's all fine, i know I'll get there.. in the next 8 months. It's good. This time next week I'll be back in the field and it will be great. I'LL BE 20 ON TUESDAY. AND I'VE BEEN OUT HERE (slash California) FOR 10 MONTHS. TIME IS FLYING. DUNNO WHAT TO DO. JUST DOIN MISSIONARY WORK. It's our p-day. We get to walk the streets of Sao Paulo. I get to leave the building for a little bit. I'm pumped. Gonna go now. Need to talk to real people. It's killin me here. CTM = spiritual prison. With food. And unlimited guarana. (The guarana is fabulous. I'm addicted.) anyways LOVE YA ALL I REALLY WANT TO GO OUTSIDE THOUGH.
PS GUESS WHAT. KELLY WAS BAPTIZED LAST WEEK. My favorite person evaaa that I taught in Bass Lake was baptized :) So excited for him. Sister McLelland is still there so she got to see it! SO HAPPY. I wish I could have been there but I'm just so pleased that he was prepared and that I was able to be a part of his conversion. He is so incredible.
Ate logo,
Sister Morrill :)

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