Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Southern Comfort Zone

Southern Comfort Zone. Brad Paisley. give it a listen. it's the anthem of my life right now. I'm in BRASIL. I don't understand anyone. No one understand me. I now speak more spanish than portuguese, Manteca ruined me =P I don't know what language I learned in the MTC 9 months ago but I don't think it was Portuguese! The language is SO pretty though. I've been on a plane for the past 24 hours an I'm exhausted and it's only 1 PM here. Ha. The first flight was fine from Cali to GA. It was KILLER saying goodbye to President and Sister Lewis, and Sister Clayson got to see me at the mission office before I left, made my WEEK. But the flight was fine. Then we had an overnight flight from Atlanta to Sao Paulo and I told the lady sitting next to me that we serve our missions for 80 months instead of 18 and I don't even know what else may have come out of my mouth. Not much. Yikes. I'm in the Brazil MTC. Ha ha ha. We have to go buuuuut thought I'd let you know I'm alive and I haven't been robbed or held at gun point or anything fun yet. I'm safe =) amo voces! see ya whenever our next pday is. TCHAU TCHAU.
Sister Morrill.

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