Monday, May 19, 2014

Let go and LET GOD

I can´t even begin to describe this week.

Partially because I´m already about out of of time to email.

But also because it´s been crazy.

We´re esforcando like nobody´s business and.......uh portuguese. Google it. I don´t know how to say it in english. It´s fine. Anyways, we´re busting it over here and compromissos are falling through and people aren´t progressing and we´re pushing back Ágata´s batismo a little more so she has time to understand and study and go to igreja (she didn´t come again this week). Anyways we´re running around and doing WORK and things aren´t working out and we´re not sure exactly why.


PS my year mark is this week what?


Wednesday we were going to a member´s home for lunch and this german/brazilian guy stopped us again (we had contacted him a week or two ago already) and told Sister Novoa that she´s nice, and I was pumped because i thought for once the brazilians were finally going for the chilean, WONDERFUL. I didn´t understand what he said after that, but we left and Sister Novoa was cracking up and explained. He DID say she is nice... but followed up with ´´Mas minha paixão é dela´´ looking at me. oh, translation. ´´but she is my passion.´´ followed by ´´que lindo cachinhos´´ eek. we will find a new way to that irmã´s house. I just want one week without brazilian probz. just one.  


Oh yeah i forgot. what I wanted to tell you was about my companion. Her foot was super inflamed and grody looking this week. She thought it was an allergic reaction to chocolate? No. We went to the hospital on Saturday to check it out. They think she has migratory arthritis. So we´ve stayed em casa for a couple days until we get an appointment with the rheumatologist to make sure, because she said something could get worse (i dunno, they were speaking medical vocab) so i just say okay and we´re waiting for an okay to walk and do stuff and we´re marking a day to see the rheumatologist today, whooooooooo.

Seriously this week was crazy and i wish i had time to explain it all but i gotta go :( 

I´m adoring my time here, don´t want anything to change :(((  we will have transfers on Monday so yall will here if im staying or leaving or training or whatever. Agora i have to go, but love yall. talk to ya next week!

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