Monday, May 26, 2014

President is crazy.

Hey everybody.

So before I even get going, sometimes I forget that yall don´t speak portuguese.. Just know that my english is getting a little rough and i´m speaking portugues 24/7 for 2 and a half months now baha (it´s only going down from here, 5 more months guys of Portuguese, people). I´ve had google translate pulled up next to my email buuuut that takes more time out of emailing, so please accept that there will probably be portuguese words here and there and that google translate is there for ya. 


I left my other planner at home. New transfer = I forgot that the other one still has all my precious details of the week. It´s fine.

Really this week has been pretty normal. More things are falling through but overall normal, haha. The meninas that we´re working with didn´t come to church again and we´re deciding what to do with them, bahhhh dificuldades. I said goodbye to them all on Friday :´( oh, btdubbs... I´m being transferred.

Transfers transfers transfers.

I am opening a new area.

Campos Novos 2.

A new area that requires an 8 HOUR BUS RIDE from Florianopolis..

Why Florianopolis? Why aren´t I leaving from Tubarão?

Let me tell you.

Not only am I opening a new area (let me remind you that this requires talking to everyone in PORTUGUESE. Sure portuguese keeps coming out of my mouth these days when I want it to be english, but i´ve still got A TON to learn.), but I am also TRAINING. President mentioned leading somehow in interviews, but I thought he was kidding and if not I thought he would give me more time than this hahaha. But it´ll be great)

I am responsible for a new missionary who is probably brazilian (that will be nice i hope) and for a new area. 

Totes fine.

It´s just doing it all in portuguese that´s got me a little preoccupied.

It´s fine.

Today I pack everything up. Should be relatively easy because we´re still living out of our suitcases (still don´t have a guarda-roupa ou camas). This may be the first time I don´t stay up all night long packing and running around. We will see. Tomorrow I go to Florianópolis. We´ll have meetings and things with President Fernandes and afterwards I´ll receive my novinha :´) Then we´ll separate again and the novinhas dinner with President and Sister Fernandes, and they´ll dump us off at a hotel (super chique hotel.. i´m pumped. hotel means i´ll have a bed and a clean shower whooooooo) and we´ll hopefully have some food available for us haha. Then comes Wednesday where I and my new comp begin our 8 hour bus ride to Campos Novos. Should be a bask. 8 hours on a plane is killer, imagine o ônibus. Welcome to vida brasileira.

I am in love with this mission.

It´s not even comparable with Sac. Sac is completely wonderful and I have tanto amor for Cali-Sac. But this experience is 110% different and just as wonderful. I love the people. Everything is more simple. The food is bomb. You really cannot describe this experience adequately. If somehow you have how to get here and stay a while, do it. I think I´m running outta time!

Until next week :)

Love Sister Morrill

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