Monday, May 5, 2014

Madness and Miracles.

We are SO blessed here. 

There are miracles in Tubarão.

Tuesday happened. Plans fell through. We decided to visit our beloved investigators Rillary, Agatha e Isadora. 

We took the ônibus up to their bairro, got off on our stop and proceeded to walk towards the house. Somehow we started talking with another lady named Johana. who was headed the same direction.. had a great converstation, she showed us her house and wanted us to return... we were meant to be there at that time and it was just a super cool experience. 
We reached Maristella´s house. (momma of Rillary and Agatha)

We were talking with them, and Maristella told us they were talking to a neighbor about us and the church and she wanted to talk to us to hear what we believe.. Really she was a bit skeptical (oh also she´s Jehovas Witness) but she has lots of questions and wants to understand. It´s super cool. Her name is Rosale. or Rosele. I don´t know. It´s português. Anyways.

The point is we left and found TWO new investigators and that in itself was a miracle. Maristella´s family is so great. They´re giving referrals left and right. 

Isadora was one of them :) She´s 13 (going on 20) years old, neighbors and friends with Rillary and Agatha. We were teaching their family like a week ago, and they were telling us how Isadora and I looked SUPER alike, so we told her to go on and call her over haha. We met Isadora and we legitimately look like we could be sisters. She went to New Beginnings with Rillary and Agatha about a week ago, we showed them the baptismal font.... que suave, sempre.

BUT, back to Tuesday. We met with Rillary, Agatha, Isadora, the WHOLE family and their neighbor Rosale. Basically they had a representative from almost every house on that street. It was nuts. BUT we were teaching and we invited Rillary to be baptized because she´s already had a date and has met with the missionaries and has really been learning and all, and Agatha and Isadora both wanted to be baptized too.. MIRACLES. We have the 3 of them that will be BAPTIZED this coming Sunday :)) 

This whole week has been incredible. These girls are SO prepared. We found Isadora because they wanted to show us that we looked alike. All 3 of them are giving things up to be baptized and I know it´s stinking HARD for them, but they KNOW that this is good and that it´s what they need to do. They don´t know all about the gospel yet and they don´t understand why there are all these things to do, but the spirit is so strong with each of them, it´s incredible. We are literally running from one side of the area to the other (huge...HUGE area) to keep up with everything going on and we´re exhausted but I have never in my life been so happy. The Lord is preparing people and we are just the mouth piece. We are the insruments he´s using. He says go or points in one direction and we go and find miracles and blessings and I don´t understand it but I am so blessed and so happy because of it. 

Had to tell yall about that....

moving on, quickly because no time.

Brasilians like americans and it´s creepy and I don´t like it. Wednesday some teenager came to a youth activity with a member and we introduced ourselves and did our missionary duties and invited him to learn more and junk, and we were leaving and I JUST WANTED TO SHAKE HIS HAND but he held on and kissed my hand. This is the 2nd time this has happened here in the past month. Germ-x. I use it a lot here. My companion was walking away like ´´ummm THATS NOT NORMAL IN BRAZIL, SISTER. WHAT IS THE DEAL HERE?´´ I DONT KNOW WHY THEY TARGET ME BUT THEY DO. Then the next day we were in this little shop, and some 40 or 50 something year old looked at me and was like ´´OOOOOO QUE BONITINHO. DO YOU WANT TO DATE ME?´´ ´´Do you have a boyfriend?´´ ´´Where do you live?´´ oh my lanta it´s terrible. I hope I learn to talk like a native so I can tell people I´m from Porto Alegre or something. 


Gotta go.

I want to eat.


Mother´s day is sunday, I get to skype home :´) SO PUMPED. 

See ya next weekkkkkkkkkkkk


Sister Morrill

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