Monday, July 14, 2014

Just another day in (a cold, cold) paradise

Hey yall..

I have this tendency to just want to talk to my momma when I have email time and then I also have to respond to emails and then everyone else on the planet gets the short end of the stick.. sorry about that. One hour just doesnt cut it in a foreign country with junky computers in the lan house... internet place? they call it lan house here. Whatever. We go there to use their internet and computers. This city doesn´t have a good lan house so we suffer a little bit haha, it´s fine.

This week..

Sister Cozzens (lives with us, she covers the other half of Campos Novos) got a new companion on Wednesday.. Sister Nunes left on Monday, so we´ve been trio-in´ it up until her novinha (she´s training again) came at MIDNIGHT. No one got sleep. It wasn´t cool. The trio was cool but when I see other sisters I just remember how freaking happy I am to have Sister Simões. She´s a blast. We´re besties. 

We had a ROCKING awesome lesson with the Marques family. They´re less active and I love em like the dickens. The spirit is always so strong when we´re there, and THEY CAME TO CHURCH TOGETHER YESTERDAY. The Irmã had to work, but the rest of the family came :) 

Matilde is holding on. She doesn´t have any doubt whatsoever about the gospel or the church or anything, but life is really, really hard for her right now. Satan´s doing EVERYTHING in his power to keep her from having it all. Her son died a few weeks ago and there are a lot of problems with her husband that we´re trying to help with. She is THE sweetest person I´ve ever met and she is the LAST person who deserves everything she´s had to pass through. We fasted with her last weekend and she´s praying like nobody´s business to know what to do or for her husband´s heart to change and tão. This week she looked even more upset than the week before, and I just want her to be able to live the gospel without problems and receive the support she needs. SO difficult. 

Claudinei, son of her hub, is still hesitant to be baptized but he´s READY for it, soooo we´ll see where that goes in the future. 

PS yall, I got my return date and I´ll be home on November 11th! Prepare yourselves. 

And just because I like numbers and what not-
including today makes 61 weeks/61 emails home....
and just 16 emails home before I´M back home :´)

Just 16 little emails... yikes. 

BUT I love yall, until next week!

Sister Morrill

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