Monday, July 21, 2014

Wellllllll what do I even have to say about this week?

It was rough. We had to travel to Chapecó on Wednesday and Thursday so we missed a ton (all of them, really) of our appointments. The only investigator we saw this week was Claudinei and he´s a bit of a turd. He´s actually incredible, it´s just his whole family situation that´s killer and his worry about being perfect in the gospel. But he´s doing great, at least.

We got home at midnight on thurs. to wake up as usual at 6:30 and get back to work. Just that EVERYTHING fell through from Friday to Sunday and NO ONE was at home like they should have been.

BUT- there was a good thing.

In Chapecó, President Silva (ps I met our new president. He´s cool.) told us that if we knock doors that we will find the elect... completely contrary to California where we were told it´s a waste of time.. I wasn´t excited. I don´t like knocking doors. Leave that for the JW´s. BUT we did it yesterday. And we found a woman named Marisa. We just asked to give her an invitation to visit the church or whatever and she practically threw us in her house and we were able to teach her about the Restoration. She´s super catholic and not looking for change, but the spirit was there and hey, I trust President and i believe in miracles! We´ll see.

That´s all, really. That and I got my travel itinerary and I make it home the 8 something in the morning, November 12th! whoooooo hooooo. 

But.. That´s all folks.

Até next week!

Sister Morrill

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