Monday, October 27, 2014


Guys I´m panicking (don´t even know if that´s right but portuguese has ruined my english and i don´t even care anymore). 

I´m pretty sure I wrote my FIRST email of this transfer YESTERDAY... But here I am in the lan house again and Suddenly it´s WEEK 5 of the transfer... 2 more weeks.. HOW?

But I´m trying to get over it.

This week was good. A little tense (weekly companionship meltdowns... but we love each other and we just laugh and sing and make ´´sister missionary life´´ parodies to songs we remember before the mish until it´s not tense anymore.. Sister probz) But the week over all was really freaking good.

Tuesday started with EXCHANGES. I was in Chapecó 2 with SISTER NOVOA. IT WAS GREAT. We have grown SO MUCH in the past 6 months apart, it´s ridiculous. I don´t know how it happened or how i learned portuguese or what exactly changed in both of us but it was incredible to see the difference. Basically life was good on Tuesday.

Thursday we had an exposiçâo do Livro de Mormon... I don´t even know what exposition means in english but maybe google translate can help yall. But we went downtown to the praça, set up a bunch of super crente banners about the story of the book of mormon, which basically gives the entire story of the restoration of the gospel and prophets and everything.. we started flagging people down and talking to them about the gospel and try to guide them to the banners to teach them the restoration and invite them to read the book of mormon. the thing MOST crente that I´ve already done in my life. I hated it in the beginning. But then it was a lil catchy and by the end i was basking in making people listen to me talk about the church of  JESUS CHRIST ON THE EARTH TODAY. It was pretty great. I have become such a missionary and I don´t know where it came from. 

We taught Carol and she is incredible and I´m still hoping she decides to get baptized on November 8th before I go home but we´ll see what happens. She is just a love of a person. I adore her. 

Well that´s all i got for now, time to go but I love yall and I´ll talk to ya next week... and then AT HOME!

Peace out.

Sister Morrill

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