Monday, October 20, 2014


I can´t believe it´s been a whole week already. I feel like I was here YESTERDAY. 

But it´s cool.

We had exchanges in Efapi on Tuesday and it was cool. Super nice to get a breath of fresh air in another area. I was with Sister Mickelsen all day and it was a bask.

But then Wednesday happened. We came home. We worked our trash off. We came home that night.. and found 11 cockroaches. and a spider the size of my hand. Not exaggerating. We were up til midnight killing those suckers. We woke up the next day and found some more...and every night since then we have walked in the door and began our hunt for cockroaches. It´s been ridiculous. We should be moving apartments soon because ours is AWFUL and full of mold and it´s super humid and basically being home is awful there. 

I´m really tired.

So there´s a missionary from my ward here who came home this week, his name is Maicon. He has to have a surgery and then he´ll go back out to the field when he´s recovered, but he came home on Friday, and we happened to pass by his mom´s house around the time that everyone was home and we saw everything go down and his mom was all weirded out that her son was actually standing in her house again and we saw him be released that night, we went to a wedding, went back to share a message with Rosa (Maicon´s mom) and her family, AND they had a friend there the whole time. Carol. She´s tight with the family. She´s not a member. She´s the sweetest thing ever. We´ve talked to her a little bit before, but Friday was perfect. We got to really talk to her and she came to church on Sunday to see Maicon´s talk. Everything was just perfect. I´m expecting miracles with this girl.

It was SO weird being in that house seeing everything happen. Maicon has a year and a half on the mission already, so he´s legitimately 3 weeks ahead of where i´d be.. 3 weeks from now I`LL be home and it´s all going to be strange and I love my family and friends and everyone, but I do not imagine myself anywhere else other than right here, right now. I am a brasilian. I was born for this place. I don´t actually believe that I only have 3 weeks left in this place. But it´s all going to work itself out and it´ll be great and right now I have the greatest calling on the planet, and I´m happy with it. Pretty please prepare all the brasilians for me when I get back home, because we are going to drink chimarrão and do brasilian things because I´m already missing it and I´m not even gone yet!

I LOVE YALL. See ya next week!

-Sister Morrill

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