Monday, October 6, 2014


So I´m sitting here in São Jose. The coast next to Floripa. We have mission leadership counsel tomorrow, with alllllll the leadership in the mish and we get to chat it up about how to make this crazy place better, so that should be interesting. Sister Haight and I had to take a 9 hour bus ride ACROSS THE STATE to get here. Floripa at 5 AM this morning, and São Jose a couple hours later, and we are now exhausted and hungry. 

Let me just start off by telling yall how much I LOVE MY COMPANION. She´s incredible. She´s from Indiana. We´re soul sisters. Holy crap. I love her. It´s been a week and it feels like we´ve been comps the entire mish. We just laugh all day long and share Jesus with people and throw rocks at the Rottweilers that chase us (yes that really happened, but don´t worry about it.) We are KICKING BUTT HERE. Working like nobody´s business and we´re both pretty freaking fantastic at portuguese (yeah, my GH is showing... wait, that doesn´t make sense in english but just leave it) I love Campos Novos, but that area was kicking my trash and I forgot how cool it is to be a missionary. I KNOW that i´m going to head out RUNNING this transfer. We´re killing it. Not everyone (or anyone) accepts, but we are doing all in OUR power, then the choice is up to them.


So a few months ago I went on exchanges in Chapecó. I taught this ROCKING family, the mom was less active and they were teaching her 11 year old daughter, Eduarda. Last week I got here, and Sister Haight was telling me about this family that just moved to our area from another ward in Chapecó. I was like ´´whoa that´s like the same story as that one family i taught here´´´....TURNS OUT IT´S THE SAME FAMILY. I GOT TRANSFERRED HERE AND THEY MOVED INTO MY AREA AT THE SAME TIME. Now Débora is active and her 2 kids, Eduarda and Gabriel (9) accepted to be BAPTIZED on SATURDAY. I AM SO PUMPED. They remind me a lot of Eleane and her daughter Eduarda, that I taught in Campos Novos. Same type of attitude and everything, I feel like the little time I had with Eleane prepared me to come back here and be a part of everything with Débora. It´s been incredible. 

Adventures of the week. My very first step outside of our apartment in Esplanada, I sprained my ankle. That sucked. This drunk guy kissed my and Sister Haight´s hand and it was grody. I´m so over hand kisses. Mission life is ridiculous. We almost got killed by a Rottweiler, but we escaped unscathed. Some angry brazilians set 2 bus on fire the night we went to visit Debora, so they sent the rest of the buses to the garagem for the night and we were stranded in the hood of our area until a miracle taxi came to the rescue. We changed the song ´´Girl on Fire´´ to ´´IT´S JUST A BUS, BUT IT´S ON FIIIIRRRRRE.´´ Last night this idiot (Yes, I mean lovely child of God, but idiot nonetheless) on the bus couldn´t get the overhead light to turn on, so he tried to get it to spark with his lighter. NOPE I DON´T THINK THAT´S HOW IT WORKS, BRO.  We taught a super simplified ´´Plan of Salvation´´ to an investigator. He ran outside in between us in the middle of it to fix himself a joint RIGHT BEHIND US. He´s been addicted to everything under the sun. Rough life. 

GENERAL CONFERENCE ROCKED AND IF YOU ASK, YOU GET ANSWERS. I´m running out of time but I love yall and I´m really freaking feliz and I love yall and I´ll see yall in 36 days and talk to yall next MONDAY!


Sister Morrill

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