Monday, October 13, 2014

Can you hear it?

It´s the sound of TRUNKINESS.

I´m not even trunky... not a lot.

But MAN, a girl gets some emails from friends and family and basically I am PUMPED to see yall. I never ever ever want to leave Brasil, but if I have to, it´s gotta be with all yall out there. I miss yall.



I have NEVER been so exhausted in my entire life. I thought I´d already felt the worst on the mish. Nope. This week just slapped me in the face. We had mission leadership council on Tuesday, so we travelled all night on Sunday, got to Floripa on Monday, prepped junk with the other STL´s for MLC the next day, woke up EARLY on Tuesday, meetings, worked with the Floripa sisters til our bus came at 9 PM, and we got home at 6 AM Monday morning. The rest of the week we have just been RUNNING like no other working and trying to teach and finding new investigators and we´re getting to bed late every night because there´s so much to do and we´re waking up early because of leadership meetings and things that we don´t have time to do during the day and basically there is just not a word to describe how tired I am. It´s getting way hot here and it just takes away whatever little bit of energy you may have had.

Sister Haight is stinking INCREDIBLE. We were on an ônibus, coming home from the boondocks of our area, and hadn´t had much time to talk to people for the day. Sister Haight looked around and saw all the people on the bus (22 people to be exact). We chatted a little bit, she stood up, walked to the front of the bus, and started legit PREACHING to these 22 people. ´´Good night everyone! I´m Sister Haight, this is my friend Sister Morrill, and we´re missionaries!´´ she went on to tell em all about the Book of Mormon and God´s plan for them and testified, told them all goodbye, and pulled the cord to get off on the next bus stop. It was incredible. I´ve never seen anyone with that kind of courage. I thought she was crazy, but she´s got GUTS. We were walking home and I was just speechless, but I started talking like ´´soooo... do ya do that often??`` She told me how she watched this movie (I bought a zoo? something like that. Don´t have a clue.) and it talks about having 20 seconds of courage. Just prep yourself up and GO FOR IT. the first moments are hard and awkward and what not, but forget it and just GO. But she put it into practice and now she´s preaching on the bus. NO REGRETS. I want to be like that. I´m never going to regret it, but the stories are going to be baskly. 29 more days to make some stories and see some miracles!

Gabriel and Eduarda were baptized on Saturday. It was FANTASTIC. I don´t know why I´m suddenly being so blessed and seeing these things happen. Miracles. 


I´m out of time. Talk to you next week. 


-Sister Morrill

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