Monday, September 2, 2013

Haja o que houver


How is normal life out there? What's goin onnnnn?

So last week I don't remember if I told you, but the week BEFORE that we had exchanges.. and it was AWESOME. I was staying here and working with one of the sister training leaders Sister Acker, and Sister Hale was going to East Sac with Sister Loli.. sooo I was leading the area and in charge of everything. Planning, leading the way, doing ALL the talking with people I've never met in my life, and ALL of that.. and I was honestly terrified. The night before I was just sick to my stomach because I thought I was just going to ruin the entire day and that Sister Acker would think I'm a terrible missionary, and allllll this stuff was just running through my head. I didn't think I could do it at all. But Sister Acker came Tuesday night (a couple weeks ago), and we were together all day Wednesday and it was actually WONDERFUL. Sister Acker hardly talked at all so I thought I was screwed at first, but it turned into the BEST day I've had on the mission thus far. We worked SO hard, we talked to so many people, added an investigator, and just saw so many great things happen that day. It felt so good. I did it and didn't mess anything (or anyone) up :')

At that point I felt like I was finally figuring out this whole "missionary work" thing. I felt great about what we did and everyone we saw, and what I was able to do on Wednesday, and that it would be relatively smooth sailing from here on out.... Ha. Good joke.

Then last week happened, and EVERYTHING flipped. I went from the bestttt day the week before to the HARDEST week I've had yet. It's been a loooong week. Especially Wednesday, I just couldn't do anything right. I can look back and see the humor in it, but I was SO frustrated all day Wednesday. We went to see this lady that I met on exchanges at some apartment, and I knocked on one door thinking it was the right door, but some other lady opened the door and I just said hi and froze, looked at my companion, looked back at the lady, and nothing was coming out of my mouth.. I just kinda looked back and forth like an idiot, so Sister Hale threw herself under the bus with me and asks the lady "Are you Johnnie?" and the woman who answered the door just looks at us and Sister Hale continues "Oh, we're looking for Johnnie. I'm Sister Hale!" and the lady was just like "uhhh that's great, hope you find her!" AWKWARRRRD. 

    So after that we tried ANOTHER door, that I was SURE had to be Johnnie's...and no one answered.. Which was crazy lucky for me, because I later found her apt number WRITTEN IN MY PLANNER, and the second door we knocked was also the wrong apartment... Sweet. 
    But wait! THAT'S NOT ALL! We were walking out of the apartment complex to the car, but there's this girl next to her boyfriend getting in the pool, and I SWEAR she looked like Johnnie. She saw me and smiled and said something to me so I thought "OH! It's Johnnie! She didn't answer cause she was in the pool." So I went to the gate by the pool and start talking to her. I was just rambling like "Heyyyy how are you?! We were just trying to see you! I wanted you to meet my companion since we were on exchanges last week!" and allllll this stuff, and the girl just smiled and went with it like "oh cool! I'm good. blahblahblahblahblah" and then she asks me what my name is and I told her, I figured she only met me once so I wasn't surprised she didn't remember my name.. and then Sister Hale introduces herself and the lady is like "Cool, I'm ALEXA" ALEXA. NOT JOHNNIE. She was probably terrified because we told her we were just looking for her and I was so gung ho about her meeting my real companion and I didn't actually know the girl. So I tried to play it off like "Welllllll, we'll let you go swim then.. It was nice to meet you kjasdfoiejakje" and as we walk away Sister Hale was like "...........did you know her?" "nope" "did she talk to you?" "....nope... she smiled and waved like she knew me, so I started talking" "But you didn't know her?" "nope....................I thought it was Johnnie" Sister Hale just laaauughed and laughed and laughed. 

   It's funny now, but that day I was SO done. MISSIONS ARE AWKWARD GUYS. EMBRACE IT. 

Yeah I was about ready for the end of the transfer... or for Brazil.. or something. 3 more weeks of the transfer and WHO KNOWS how long until I get a visa... I've got some time here! It's great though, I love it. Some days are hard, but the lessons that come out of it are so worth it. 

We had zone conference on Friday and it was fabulous! it was a long long looong day and we sat through most of it, but we all got a spiritual round-house kick to the face, it was AWESOME. I learned so much and it was awesome to see President and the other zones around us :)

Oh BTDubbs, LARRY'S GETTING BAPTIZED.......he just doesn't know it yet. We talked to him on the phone last week, and we asked him about baptism again, and while he went over the river and threw the woods trying to talk around it, he said "ya know, I feel like it's just going to happen [some day]" ....So I took it into my own hands to just "make it happen". We're planning it all out, reserving the building, making a baptismal program and all of that good stuff.. and we'll get a lesson with him some time this week and break it to him.. We all know Larry's getting baptized at some point.. it might as well be September 14th, yeah? 

Well well well, time to peace out..


Com amar e saudades,
Sister Morrill

Larry-ism of the week:
"I'm dressed up in here as tight as a peacock!"
   -talkin about being dressed in his Sunday best!
.....what, Larry?

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