Monday, September 9, 2013

Peace and blessings yall, peace and blessings.

This week was SO GREAT. So, so good. I'll tell ya the small not so funny things first and get it out of the way..

First of all, along with my newfound peanut butter craze, I LOVE SPAM. I hate myself for admitting to it, but for real. You can eat it with anything. It's wonderful. And it's cheap. 

We went to visit a member that just moved into the ward, and we knocked and he didn't answer, but this black guy named Peetey opened the door on the other side of the apartment and started talking to us..He was high as a kite but we asked him if he knew this guy, and he's like "oh yeah, he's mah homeboy... from Utah." We asked what his name was (we didn't know the first name) and he's just like "uhhh i dunno! He's mah homeboy!" .....Yeah, I think you lose all credit as a thug when you say your homeboy is from UTAH. I met Peetey before when I was on exchanges though haha, he's a funny guy :)

We had TWO DINNERS in 1 DAY on Tuesday..... NO WAY MAN, NEVER AGAIN. We had dinner with one family and it was great.... But then as we are pulling out from their house, we get a text from Sister McConnell saying that dinner would be ready in a few minutes... So we called her and we're just like "hey! so dinners ready? yeah?....Wait are you serious?" ....she was. There was some miscommunication about our dinner calendar and Sister McConnell is supposed to feed us tomorrowwww instead. But we drove to the McConnells and ate dinner with them anyways since it was all prepared haha... AND she had carrot cake for dessert. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. Sister Hale and I had to roll each other back to the car. And even better, we had dinner leftovers from a couple days earlier for our lunch that day... Tooooooo much food. #StatesideMissionaryProbs 

This weekend was THE BOMB. First of all, I got a bunch of mail on Friday, and a package and a letter from one of my best friends in the entire world. It was better than Christmas man. But Saturday was fabulous. We had studies in the morning and went to a soccer game!....With good cause, don't worry. There are like 6 kids from our ward that play on this team and Jack REALLY wanted us to see him play, so we dropped by to support everybody haha. Ahh, I miss my soccer days. But that was cool. Then we went to visit Annie in the old folks' rehab home... We went for a lesson and later Annie wanted to go play bingo with all the senior citizens, so we brought her up to bingo.. and the old people all rounded us up in their wheelchairs and made us stay for a little while while they played. OLD BROKEN PEOPLE ARE SO FUNNY. Seriously it was a greattt time. There was this huge guy named Norman who was making jokes and kissy faces at this lady, and she would just look at him all wide-eyed saying "Ohhhh DON'T YOU DARE KISS ME!" I was crying laughing, they are so so sooo funny. That lady was trying to tell us a story and forgot what she was talking about, so she's just like "ohhh shoot, I suffer from CRS... Can't Remember Shhhh...Squat." Love ittt. Then after THAT, we had a lesson with LARRRRRRRRRYYYY. He's progressing sooooo sooo much. He's not goin' for baptism on the 14th haha, buuuut some day :) I stinkin love him. 

I got attacked by Donna's bird earlier this week.. That was fun. His name is Peek A Boo and he was sitting on my shoulder, and I was reading a scripture and he just chomped down on my ear... it's all in one piece still, but it HURT.

Sister Hale and I had to speak again on Sunday.. I do notttt dig it, but I guess it went well. OH, Paul Hansen just returned from his mission in Pocatello Idaho, and he gave his homecoming talk with us.. but Ian Weir was his trainer!! SMALL WORLD GUYS. PS, I LOVE YOU WEIR FAMILY. HI. I have some funny quotes, buuuut I'm outta email time. 

Paz e bencaos!

Com amor,
Sister Morrill

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