Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The transfers are coming! The transfers are coming!

I am actually so excited. 

For real. 

We got transfer calls yesterday.

We move in & out and all around tomorrow.

Sister Hale got her call at like 6:00 and I had to wait until 8:30.


So here it is mmkay?
(drum roll please)


Sister Hale is going to Manteca and opening a new area.

I am staying here in Carmichael and my new companion will be Sister Zanger.. Zenger? one of those. 


Sad to leave my "mama", but it's been a long 3 months and change is needed haha. We're ready to move. 

Sister Zanger came in with me, so we're both on our third transfer and I love her already. I didn't get to know her suuuper well before but she's fun and just so excited to be here. We're gonna get stuff DONE :)  (and ya know, maybe baptize Larry and Donna) That'd be great.

I know I've said this like 10 times already but really, I. Am. So. Excited. I'm ready for a change.

ummmm shoot I didn't bring last transfer's planner. I don't even remember what happened this week. We did missionary stuff, taught people, preached the gospel, invited others to come unto Christ.. ya know, the usual. Just bein' missionaries and what not. 

OH WAIT DUDE (I'm not supposed to say dude, whatever. it's out there) 

We had our Open House on Saturday! IT WAS GREAT OKAY. Last year our ward and La Sierra did one, and they had like 3 people show up... So I was really nervous about this haha. But there was a great turn out and we got to talk to a bunch of people and there was free food and cotton candy and popcorn (you can't go wrong there) AND THERE WAS PEACH COBBLER. I LOVE THE BOY SCOUTS IN OUR WARD. 

We're going to the Sacramento temple today!! I am pumped. First time since the MTC in Provo, yeahhhh boy! Well transfers are really the most exciting thing that's goin on right now so THAT'S ALL FOLKS. 

Wait PS it rained on Saturday and it was great. Except it was cold rain, which was weird. I love the rain. It doesn't rain here in the summer usually. WEIRD. I don't know why I'm so excited about the rain but whatever. Thought yall would like to know I guess. OKAY PEACE OUT WRITE ME LOVE YOU ALL WRITE ME. Did I mention write me? I love mail. Letters are great. Write me.

Okay that's all buh bye. <3

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