Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey yall.

Um, I am freezing. I am in Campos Novos... South central part of Santa Catarina (i think). It´s really cold here. Brasil was supposed to be hotter than this is happening I DON´T KNOW. I can see my breath. It´s taken me a solid 5 minutes to write these few sentences because my fingers are moving at a sloth´s pace right now.

Monday was cool. My companion´s new companion chegou, that was weird. Sister Novoa had to do some more exams at the hospital. We had a family night with Fred e Fernanda and their kids :´) They are recém-conversos in São João, I ADORE them. 

Tuesday came. 9 AM ônibus para Florianópolis. Fred and Fernanda came to say goodbye :´) bawwww. Got to Floripa, took a cab to the mission office (ps BOYCE AVENUE was on the radio in BRASIL so i think thats pretty legit and it was perfect... The taxi driver was playin it, not my fault nope nope nope. But saudades lasted for like 2 seconds because i was pumped so see amigos at the escritório.) Anyways.. We got there, went out for Lunch, came back, waited foreverrrrrrr, trainers had a training mtg with President Lewis. uh... President Fernandes. Oops. Wrong mission. But we had training none the less. Afterwards the novinhas and trainers juntaram and we had a presentation and received our companions! 

My companion is SISTER SIMÕES! She´s from Rio de Janeiro. She´s white. Everyone here thinks that she´s american and I´m brasileira....BASKING.

The next day commenced our 9 HOUR bus to our area. We´re living with 2 other rockin´awesome Sisters. (another american and a brasilian WHOOOOO). Once again we don´t have beds, just mattresses. and it´s cold. Really cold. Oh, the joys of opening an area. I miss 2 things from the US- Air conditioning and heating. Só isso. Other than that things have been crazy trying to conhecer the area and the people, we started with NO ONE AND NOTHING. So crazy. But we´re making a billion contacts and have appointments and people to visit this week, SO GREAT.

Basically in Brasil I´ve learned that I truly don´t know a thing, except for my purpose as a missionary. I´ve come to really understand WHY im here and what i´m here to do. I´m only capable of doing it all through the spirit and the help of the Lord, and they are doing SO much in giving me to abilities to do everything that needs done here. This work is incredible. I love this place. I want to stay here for the rest of my mission. Campos Novos is a branch (maybe 30 people on Sundays) and our goal is to have 100+ going by the end of the year and to be in the works of building a capela and creating a WARD here. All it takes is a lotta faith! So excited to see it all happen. There are miracles waiting for us.

Eeeeek out of time.

Love yall.

Sister Morrill

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