Monday, June 23, 2014


Hi I spent all my time talking to my momma and now I have like 5 minutes to tell the world what happened this week.

Most important is Matilde. 

She´s 45. Her 19 year old son died in a car accident a week ago. She is adorable. She´s hurting a stinkin TON. We met her a few days after he passed away. We told her about the plan of salvation. NEVER in my mission have I had such a desire for someone to understand that message and how important it is. I don´t know what to do when people have feelings and all, but I know how to make them laugh,sooooo I did that. In the beginning you could just see that it wasnt the same and you can see in her eyes that she just lost the world. My heart was BREAKING for this woman. She´s wanted to have a visit from the missionaries for a while, but we hadn´t even heard of her til the week past. ...past week. I know without a doubt that we were needed in that moment, it´s so sad to see what´s happened  but so incredible to see how Godis working in her life. 

I´ve been thinking a lot of the song Hands by Jewel hoje. It´s amazing how we are colocado na vidas dos pessoas ugh portuguese how we are PUT IN THE LIVES OF PEOPLE in the exact moment that we are needed. As a missionary I know we truly are here in the moment for a reason and that we are here to do His work and serve His people. This experience is incredible. 

I never want to leave but I also can´t wait for the day to reunir with all yall and SLEEP for weeks. Brasil kills ya but it blesses ya like no other. I adore this place. 

Until next week,

Sister Morrill

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