Monday, June 9, 2014


Just another week in Brazil. Time is moving quickly (like I´ll be headed HOME five months from tomorrow-not trunky, just a fact) but the work seems to be moving slowly. We´ve got a LOT of room for improvement this week! We´re finding SUPER cool families. We are BEM na começo de ensin.....errrrr sorry.. We are... ugh one minute, i have to reroute to english. Então. We´re still in the beginning of the whole finding people and teaching and what not, we´re out working all day and lots of people aren´t at home so it feels slow, but the people we ARE finding and beginning to teach are incredible.

The members are WONDERFUL. I have never seen anyone as excited and WILLING to be a part of this work. And not only that, but they EXPECT to be a part of it. These are not just our investigators, these are people who are going to be friends and youth leaders and future members of this branch (future ward in the making, we´re gonna do it!) They´re welcoming our investigators in their homes and activities and LOOKING for opportunities to go out with us and teach and get to know the people, and giving referrals left and right because they TRUST us. I want to be that kind of member when I come home. There were Elders here previously who didnt do a whole lot of work, so it´s been incredible to regain their trust and see the desires that they truly have to share the gospel with those around them.

    It´s been freezing and rainy since the day we got here, and we´ve been out walkin and workin in the rain sdince day 1, and it´s all catching up with me and right now i am sickkkkkkk, but it´s all good. Could be worse. I´m still walking.

  We started teaching Jaqueline, but we went back and she shut off the lights after seeing us through the window and didnt bother coming to the door. I think that door shut. BUT we were walking down the road after that incident and I decided to talk to this lady on her front porch, her name is Terezinha. She invited us in and we were able to teach her about the restoration right there! My bebêzinha lead the lesson and i am a proud momma  :´) Every time something falls through we always find a little miracle.

We lost a ton of time travelling to Ipomeia for zone meeting, buuuut it´s cool. Tomorrow (or tonight, we still haven´t received notice) We´ll be headed to Chapecó for zone conference with President Fernandes! A little sad to lose ANOTHER day in Campos Novos but SO PUMPED for President Fernandes´ last conference :) We always have a huge lunch afterwards and it´ll be greattttt.

Other than this we´re teaching a few other people (like i said, bem no começo.)  and trying not to freeze to death. I thought my portuguese was getting relatively good, until some 8 year old told everyone he doesn´t understand anything I say... and then our investigator Fátima. She looked to my comp ´´Is she italian? German?´´ ´´....I´m american!´´ ´´OH, THAT´s why we can´t understand almost anything she says´´ :)))) EVERYONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS. I was a little bit ticked because I thought I was doing pretty well hahaha, but hey, I´ve been here 2-3 months.. I´ve got plenty to learn and time to learn it. I´m learning over and over about humility here. I am NOTHING by myself. Everything I have or am or do is all thanks to God and the people he´s given  to support me!

Love yall lots, but that´s all folks!

Until next week-

Sister Morrillddd

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