Monday, June 30, 2014

soccer and chuva and needles, OH MY


What can I say... 

this week was nuts.

It was hard. I don´t know if there´s an easy way to serve a mission in brasil... i don´t think so. Not possible. Luckily, I didn´t come for it to be easy, right?? 

My companion´s ticked. She likes the mission and what not, but she´s from Rio and she´s HATING this small town and we´ve both had health problems the past 2 weeks and it´s hard to get good help here and everyone´s telling her something different and she´s super frustrated. I love, love LOVE these people and this area and I don´t know how the heck to help the other missionaries here be more positive. Lots of people gossip here. Everyone tells everyone what they didn´t like about everything. It´s a bit ridiculous, I am lost as to what to do, but I´m praying a junk load and trying to keep peace with the members here and hopefully all will end well.

First of all, we´re watching the games of Brasil in the world cup. It´s a bask. SO TENSE BUT SO GOOD.

Claudinei. He´s 19. Investigator. He´s Matilde´s step-son. He is GOLDEN. He lives with his grandma (matilde´s mother in law), who IS a member of the igreja. He´s been coming to church and wants to be baptized, but wants to wait a little bit to really KNOW what he needs to do and live the standards and what not. He wants to be firm. 

We met with Matilde! AND her husband was there. Valdinei. Claudinei´s dad. They are INCREDIBLE. I cant even tell you. Valdinei KNOWS the gospel is true. He KNOWS. He´s got some vices holding him back from living it so much, it´s REALLY hard for him to kick the things of the world and truly give his whole soul to the Lord, but the spirit was SO strong in our lesson and he really does want it. You can feel it. His wife isnt AS familiar with everything but she is so willing to learn and she knows it is good and will truly bring her the peace she needs. 


I had to go to the médico. Doctor. eek. Remember those mosquito bites? Well, there were a LOT. A LOT A LOT. Turns out that 1) the mosquitos here  have venom. How? Dunno. But it is. Not only that, but I happen to be ALLERGIC to them. My foot and my other ankle were hecka swollen. It was AWFUL. We walk everywhere. I wanted to keep working and all, but it just kept getting worse. So we went to the médico. I´ve feared this since the day I got my mission call. But we went. I expected him to give me some allergy meds and call it good, but NOPE. I had to get a vaccine because it was so inflamed. Not ANY vaccine, it had to be in the butt. POR QUE? WHY? I don´t know if there exists an adult in the world with more fear of shots than I, but compared to past experiences I took it like a CHAMP. Family, if yall remember Derek´s scorpion experience in Recife? It wasn´t much different. At least the médico wasnt a witch doctor or something. it´s fine.

1 minute left on the computer. love yall. til next week :)))))

sister Morrill!

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